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The Secret Language of Celebrities

the best people watching in the world


A.J. Foyt
Electric Fulfillment
A.J. McLean
Disciplined Ambition
Aaron Carter
Passionate Idiosyncrasy
Aaron Copland
Reformed Investigator
Aaron Eckhart
Discovered Great Leap
Aaron Neville
Disciplined Aloof Icon
Aaron Paul
Structured Social Ideals
Aaron Sorkin
Trusted Mental Insistence
Aaron Stanford
Aware Clever Contributor
Abbie Cornish
Original Double Agent
Abigail Breslin
Compassionate Tradition
Abraham Lincoln
Intentional Unifier
Ace Frehley
Devoted Self-Sufficiency
Adam Ant
Consolidated Long Breath
Adam Brody
Trusted Expansion
Adam Carolla
Enchanted Driven Dedication
Adam Clayton
Grounded Fateful Prediction
Adam Duritz
Enchanted Original Style
Adam Goldberg
Revelational Substantive Form
Adam Horovitz
Graceful Attentiveness
Adam Lambert
Seductive Compassionate Combatant
Adam Levine
Solved Return
Adam Rodriguez
Reformed Idealist
Adam Sandler
Innocent Difficult Demand
Adam West
Modulated Fine Appearance
Transcendent Practical Awakening
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
Empowered Seasoned Experience
Adrian Grenier
Intentional Passive-Active Duality
Adrian Pasdar
Translated Dutiful Overload
Adriana Lima
Versatile Buoyant Optimism
Adrianne Curry
Original Unique Happenings
Adrien Brody
Articulate Tradition
Adrienne Bailon
Translated Sensational Detail
Adrienne Barbeau
Tender Limit Pusher
Agyness Deyn
Enchanted Animation
Ahmet Zappa
Amplified Dreamweavers
Aida Turturro
Studied Symbiotic Satirist
Aidan Quinn
Compassionate Nonconformity
Articulate Cosmic Comedy
Al Franken
Devoted Unfailing Vision
Al Gore
Graceful Tenacity
Al Green
Experienced Iconoclast
Al Jardine
Trusted Mold Breaker
Al Jarreau
Instructional Great Leap
Al Pacino
Instructional Physical Substance
Al Roker
Articulate Cryptic Secret
Alan Alda
Articulate Outstanding Achievements
Alan Ball
Influential Natural Appeal
Alan Cumming
Experienced Precocity
Alan Greenspan
Seductive Beauty Lovers
Alan Jackson
Instructional Precarious Balance
Alan Rickman
Enchanted Intimacy
Alan Thicke
Liberated Artistic Sensibilities
Alanis Morissette
Amplified Popular Eye
Albert Brooks
Modulated Occupational Fluctuation
Albert Einstein
Electric Relativity
Alec Baldwin
Aware Fulcrum
Alek Wek
Instructional Cosmic Comedy
Alessandra Ambrosio
Studied Policy Makers
Alessandro Nivola
Electric Emotional Stimulation
Alex Meraz
Innocent Hard Look
Alex Rocco
Consolidated Eternal Youth
Alex Rodriguez
Reformed Decision Maker
Alex Trebek
Compassionate Occupational Fluctuation
Alex Van Halen
Freed Outspoken Spokesperson
Alexa Vega
Devoted Social Ideals
Alexander Ludwig
Expressed Devotion
Alexis Arquette
Transcendent Winner
Alexis Bledel
Versatile Spirited Energies
Alexis Denisof
Modulated Higher Cause
Alfonso Ribeiro
Released Current Taste
Alfre Woodard
Electric Borderline
Alfred Hitchcock
Expressed Long Odds
Alfred, Lord Tennyson
Enchanted Unique Happenings
Ali Campbell
Compassionate Inventiveness
Ali Hewson
Structured Curiosity
Ali Landry
Consolidated Tragicomic Controversy
Ali Larter
Introspective Zest
Ali Lohan
Reformed Continuity
Alice Braga
Enchanted Human Definition
Alice Cooper
Innocent Curveballer
Alice Walker
Studied Vibrancy
Alicia Keys
Studied Destiny
Alicia Silverstone
Intentional Incorrigible
Alicia Witt
Influential Standout
Alison Brie
Tender Preeminence
Alison Lohman
Structured Internal Mystery
Alison Sweeney
Intentional Fine Appearance
Allen Iverson
Reformed Entertainer
Allison Janney
Artistic Reformer
Allison Mack
Original Cultural Assessment
Ally Sheedy
Studied Far-Off Adventure
Alyson Hannigan
Amplified Beguiling Simplicity
Alyson Stoner
Responsible Validation
Alyssa Milano
Articulate Hellraisers
Amanda Beard
Versatile New Ideas
Amanda Bynes
Empowered Fulcrum
Amanda Detmer
Released Ambiguous Hero
Amanda Holden
Considerate Animation
Amanda Knox
Wondrous Wonder
Amanda Palmer
Introspective Dutiful Overload
Amanda Pays
Disciplined Visionary
Amanda Peet
Freed Evaluation
Amanda Seyfried
Satisfied Ingenuity
Amanda Wyss
Structured Contentious Conviviality
Amber Benson
Aware Big Bang
Amber Heard
Empowered Established Presence
Amber Riley
Empowered Inventiveness
Amber Tamblyn
Enchanted Modern Irrepressibles
Amber Valletta
Amplified Vibrancy
Amelia Earhart
Freed Exciting Instability
America Ferrera
Liberated Vigorous Defense
Amy Acker
Aware Confidence
Amy Adams
Inspirational Cryptic Secret
Amy Brenneman
Enchanted Romantic Exaltation
Amy Castle
Released Idealist
Amy Cimorelli
Aware Emancipation
Amy Grant
Structured Sustained Effort
Amy Heckerling
Articulate Devotion
Amy Irving
Electric Private Goals
Amy Jo Johnson
Revelational Good Life
Amy Lee
Seductive Exacting Craft
Amy Paffrath
Experienced Occupational Fluctuation
Amy Poehler
Released Spirited Energies
Amy Sedaris
Structured Observer
Amy Tan
Revelational Explorer
Amy Winehouse
Experienced Perceptive Critic
Ana Ortiz
Considerate Destiny
Wondrous Perseverance
Anderson Cooper
Satisfied Fluent Expression
Andie MacDowell
Aware Professional Commitment
Andre 3000
Reformed Driven Dedication
Andre Agassi
Extended Heavy Image
André Balazs
Influential Poetic Song
Andre Previn
Innocent Experimenter
Andrea Bocelli
Instructional Restless Drive
Andrea Bowen
Released Creative Isolation
Andrew Cuomo
Intentional Extraction
Andrew Dice Clay
Introspective Charged Reactor
Andrew Garfield
Experienced Cryptic Secret
Andrew Lloyd Webber
Graceful Direct Current
Andrew McCarthy
Versatile Instigator
Andy Dick
Modulated Great Enigma
Andy Enfield
Transcendent Influential Individualism
Andy Garcia
Responsible Societal Awareness
Andy Griffith
Original Popular Eye
Andy Richter
Graceful Research
Andy Roddick
Tender Rock
Andy Rooney
Responsible Integrator
Andy Warhol
Liberated Unique Happenings
Ang Lee
Consolidated Conflicting Karma
Angela Bassett
Instructional High Voltage
Angela Kinsey
Released Sensitive Receptor
Angela Lansbury
Versatile Essential Judgment
Angelina Jolie
Reformed Critical Expertise
Angie Dickinson
Wondrous Glaring Truth
Angie Everhart
Transcendent Success Seeker
Angie Harmon
Mastered Velvet Voice
Ani DiFranco
Revelational Breakthrough
Anil Kapoor
Artistic Complex Emotions
Anita Baker
Intentional Striking Deeds
Anita Pointer
Innocent Character
Anjelica Huston
Devoted Dark Pragmatist
Ann Coulter
Confident Abandon
Ann Curry
Reformed Reformer
Ann Romney
Discovered Cosmic Comedy
Ann Shoket
Electric Capital Investment
Ann Wilson
Devoted Spark
Anna Faris
Aware Instigator
Anna Friel
Intentional Persuasive Presence
Anna Gunn
Individualized Validation
Anna Kendrick
Graceful Psychological Leverage
Anna Kournikova
Studied Entertainer
Anna Paquin
Original Exciting Instability
Anna Torv
Solved Human Definition
Anna Trebunskaya
Resolved Simple Sophistication
Anna Wintour
Individualized Long Breath
Annabella Sciorra
Tender Observer
Annabeth Gish
Considerate Fateful Prediction
AnnaLynne McCord
Wondrous Rising Tide
AnnaSophia Robb
Reformed Abandon
Anne Frank
Innocent Buoyant Optimism
Anne Hathaway
Tender Sensual Charisma
Anne Heche
Passionate Bold One
Anne Murray
Tender Ecstatic Appeal
Anne Rice
Grounded Incorrigible
Anne Wojcicki
Consolidated Winner
Annette Bening
Aware Quicksilver
Annette Funicello
Trusted Allure
Annie Leibovitz
Individualized Verbal Acuity
Annie Lennox
Consolidated Supernatural
Annika Sörenstam
Revelational Penetrating Gaze
Anthony Anderson
Revelational Royal Command
Anthony Bourdain
Responsible Sensitive Receptor
Anthony Edwards
Studied Controlled Movement
Anthony Geary
Modulated Quicksilver
Anthony Hopkins
Responsible Aesthetic Promotion
Anthony Michael Hall
Individualized Tradition
Anthony Weiner
Enchanted Builder
Antonio Banderas
Solved Velvet Voice
Antonio Sabato Jr.
Electric Eternal Youth
Antwone Fisher
Disciplined Dangerous Quest
Responsible Lone Wolf
Apollonia Kotero
Trusted Versatile Signature
Apolo Anton Ohno
Original Serial Epic
Archie Panjabi
Electric Cutting Edge
Arden Myrin
Expressed Inner Fervor
Aretha Franklin
Solved Dynamism
Ari Graynor
Enchanted Self-Sufficiency
Arianna Huffington
Passionate Material Inducer
Arianne Zuker
Amplified Fluent Expression
Ariel Winter
Solved Outstanding Achievements
Arlen Specter
Satisfied Unifier
Armand Assante
Individualized Incorrigible
Arnold Palmer
Graceful Private Goals
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Modulated Tangible Presence
Arnold Vosloo
Studied Capital Investment
Arpad Busson
Versatile Precocity
Arsenio Hall
Expressed Unifier
Art Bell
Tender Artful Force
Art Buchwald
Versatile Vogue
Art Garfunkel
Grounded Actuality
Art Neville
Responsible Earthy Chemistry
Arthur Miller
Released Precarious Balance
Resolved Tough Cookie
Ashlan Gorse
Resolved Selective Exhibitionist
Ashlee Simpson
Modulated Trendsetter
Ashley Argota
Amplified Ambition
Ashley Greene
Individualized Intimacy
Ashley Judd
Individualized Solid Control
Ashley Olsen
Empowered Far-Off Adventure
Ashley Parker
Versatile Original Style
Ashley Scott
Instructional Taken Opportunity
Ashley Tisdale
Graceful Disconnected Unconscious
Ashton Kutcher
Disciplined Utopia
Asia Argento
Influential Manager
Aubrey Plaza
Liberated Stamina
Audrey Hepburn
Innocent Nurturing Support
Audrey Tautou
Artistic Psychological Leverage
Audrina Patridge
Graceful Moral Courage
Austin Brown
Satisfied Liberator
Austin Butler
Articulate Explosive Power
Austin St. John
Influential Perseverance
Avril Lavigne
Modulated Ambiguous Hero
Axl Rose
Resolved Popularity
Aya Ueto
Graceful Perceptive Critic
Ayda Field
Solved Bottom Line
Ayelet Zurer
Transcendent Emotional Stimulation
Aziz Ansari
Enchanted Viable Candidate


B. J. Novak
Structured Human Portrait
B.D. Wong
Solved Sensational Detail
Bai Ling
Graceful Prudent Economy
Balthazar Getty
Introspective Vortex
Barack Obama
Trusted Guiding Light
Barbara Bach
Modulated Social Ideals
Barbara Boxer
Disciplined Underground
Barbara Eden
Freed Lively Precision
Barbara Hershey
Graceful Quiet Eloquence
Barbara Kingsolver
Expressed Conscience
Barbara Mandrell
Empowered Supernatural
Barbara Taylor Bradford
Extended Lone Movers
Barbara Walters
Wondrous Symbiotic Satirist
Barbra Streisand
Structured Protective Chronicler
Barney Frank
Instructional Tenacity
Barry Bonds
Enchanted Exciting Instability
Barry Diller
Solved Class
Barry Gibb
Translated No Nonsense
Barry Levinson
Solved Experimenter
Barry Manilow
Experienced Artful Force
Barry White
Seductive Fearless Crusader
Baz Luhrmann
Studied Perseverance
Beatrix Potter
Disciplined Winner
Beau Bridges
Solved Flamboyance
Bebe Neuwirth
Compassionate Aesthetic Promotion
Becki Newton
Artistic Group Representative
Behati Prinsloo
Revelational Outrageous Flair
Bela Karolyi
Trusted Passionate Care
Belinda Carlisle
Instructional Explosive Power
Ben Affleck
Mastered Royal Command
Ben Bernanke
Mastered Exacting Craft
Ben Cohen
Devoted Return
Ben E. King
Influential Heartbreaker
Ben Foster
Resolved New Ideas
Ben Horowitz
Innocent Far-Off Adventure
Ben Kingsley
Studied Aesthetic Promotion
Ben McKenzie
Artistic Fearless Crusader
Ben Savage
Resolved Passionate Care
Ben Stein
Seductive Sustained Effort
Ben Stiller
Liberated Measured Attack
Ben Vereen
Translated Prudent Economy
Benicio Del Toro
Satisfied Explorer
Benjamin Bratt
Original Soaring Imagination
Benjamin Netanyahu
Individualized Singularity
Benji Schwimmer
Translated Childlike Fancy
Bernadette Peters
Graceful Zest
Bernard Madoff
Reformed Heavy Image
Bernard Shaw
Compassionate Serial Epic
Bernardo Bertolucci
Instructional Realistic Inspiration
Bernie Kopell
Revelational Worldly Rapture
Bernie Mac
Introspective Just Cause
Bernie Taupin
Wondrous Serial Epic
Berry Gordy Jr.
Satisfied Lone Wolf
Berthe Meijer
Reformed Professional Commitment
Beth Behrs
Satisfied Indomitable One
Beth Ostrosky Stern
Mastered Material Inducer
Beth Phoenix
Resolved Contentious Conviviality
Beth Smith
Empowered New Ideas
Bethany Hamilton
Released Precognition
Bethany Joy Lenz
Studied Idealist
Bethenny Frankel
Revelational Provocateur
Betsey Johnson
Structured Velvet Voice
Bette Midler
Enchanted Mirthful License
Betty Buckley
Modulated Commemorator
Betty White
Compassionate Heavyweight
Beverly Peele
Reformed Enthusiastic Belief
Versatile Builder
Bianca Jagger
Original Human Observation
Big Boi
Responsible Willfulness
Big Daddy Kane
Wondrous Private Goals
Bijou Phillips
Trusted Dignity
Bill Clinton
Translated Startling Surprises
Bill Cosby
Inspirational Persuasive Presence
Bill Gates
Amplified Research
Bill Maher
Inspirational Freewheeler
Bill Moyers
Released Brilliant Path
Bill Murray
Passionate Current Taste
Bill Nighy
Individualized Body Language
Bill Nye
Inspirational Electrifying Excitement
Bill O’Reilly
Individualized Private Goals
Bill Paxton
Expressed Bottom Line
Bill Pullman
Mastered Earthy Chemistry
Bill Rancic
Released Outrageous Flair
Bill Wyman
Expressed Sensational Detail
Billie Jean King
Studied Liberator
Billie Joe Armstrong
Freed Battler
Billy Bob Thornton
Amplified Guiding Light
Billy Bragg
Intentional Generator
Billy Corgan
Satisfied Aerialist
Billy Crudup
Individualized Dark Pragmatist
Billy Crystal
Liberated Relativity
Billy Dee Williams
Inspirational Experimenter
Billy Graham
Inspirational Discovery
Billy Idol
Inspirational Measured Attack
Billy Joel
Discovered Moral Courage
Billy Ray Cyrus
Trusted Unabashed Extrovert
Billy Zane
Modulated Sacrifice
Bindi Irwin
Trusted Exciting Instability
Bipasha Basu
Grounded Unusual Interests
Liberated Elegance
Bjorn Borg
Responsible Visionary
Blair Underwood
Enchanted Unabashed Extrovert
Blake Lively
Wondrous Unabashed Extrovert
Blake Shelton
Intentional Financial Security
Blythe Danner
Confident Exacting Realism
Bo Bice
Influential Onslaught
Bo Derek
Reformed Scrambler
Bo Jackson
Structured Measured Attack
Bob Barker
Structured Body Language
Bob Costas
Revelational Direct Current
Bob Dylan
Artistic Magnifier
Bob Eubanks
Reformed Big Bang
Bob Fosse
Enchanted Interpersonal Enchantment
Bob Geldof
Consolidated Just Cause
Bob Guccione
Discovered Earthy Chemistry
Bob Hope
Compassionate Quicksilver
Bob Kahn
Introspective Groundbreakers
Bob Marley
Original Popularity
Bob Newhart
Graceful Fanciful Sovereign
Bob Saget
Responsible Bottom Line
Bob Schieffer
Amplified Higher Cause
Bob Seger
Original Materialized Fantasy
Bob Weir
Innocent Essential Judgment
Bob Woodruff
Trusted Endurance
Bob Woodward
Confident Integrity
Bobbi Brown
Inspirational Creative Isolation
Bobbie Eakes
Trusted Quixotic Exploits
Bobby Brown
Passionate Quiet Eloquence
Bobby Cannavale
Considerate Social Realist
Bobby Flay
Experienced Inner Fervor
Bobby Knight
Disciplined Substantive Form
Bobby Lee
Mastered Perseverance
Bobby McFerrin
Wondrous Progressive Intuition
Bodhi Elfman
Transcendent Controlled Movement
Bonnie Blair
Tender Return
Bonnie Franklin
Studied Substantiation
Bonnie Hunt
Enchanted Restless Drive
Bonnie Raitt
Individualized Borderline
Bonnie Somerville
Amplified Sacrifice
Grounded Lone Movers
Boomer Esiason
Trusted Serious Purpose
Boris Becker
Discovered Liberator
Bow Wow
Individualized Space Voyager
Boy George
Trusted Gutsy Confrontation
Boz Scaggs
Versatile Influential Individualism
Brad Delson
Compassionate Mirthful License
Brad Garrett
Grounded Tradition
Brad Hall
Aware Clarity
Brad Paisley
Mastered Research
Brad Pitt
Original Mammoth Projects
Bradley Cooper
Responsible Recovery
Brandi Carlile
Studied Popular Eye
Brandon Boyd
Introspective Inventiveness
Brandon Routh
Structured Penetrating Gaze
Grounded Improved Comfort
Branford Marsalis
Solved Supportive Partner
Breckin Meyer
Amplified Devotion
Bree Walker
Freed Arousal
Brenda Song
Transcendent Originator
Brendan Fehr
Compassionate New Ideas
Brendan Fraser
Wondrous Ingenuity
Bret Michaels
Versatile Heights
Brett Butler
Intentional Take Charge
Brett Favre
Transcendent Prudent Economy
Brian Austin Green
Consolidated Material Inducer
Brian Boitano
Original Allure
Brian DePalma
Compassionate Dramatic Choice
Brian May
Modulated Controlled Movement
Brian McKnight
Transcendent Brilliant Path
Brian Williams
Disciplined Practical Awakening
Brian Wilson
Structured Ecstatic Appeal
Bridget Fonda
Tender Precocity
Bridget Moynahan
Considerate Steadfastness
Brigitte Nielsen
Seductive Material Inducer
Bristol Palin
Electric Personal Leadership
Britney Spears
Seductive Larger-than-Life
Britt Ekland
Trusted Good Life
Brittany Murphy
Compassionate Metamorphosis
Brittany Snow
Empowered Space Voyager
Brittny Gastineau
Translated Underground
Brody Jenner
Experienced Standout
Bronson Pinchot
Disciplined Prolific Expression
Brooke Burke
Released Puzzling Purist
Brooke Burns
Disciplined Realistic Inspiration
Brooke Elliott
Responsible Boss
Brooke Hogan
Transcendent Practical Awakening
Brooke Shields
Translated Cutting Edge
Brooklyn Decker
Wondrous Societal Awareness
Bruce Abbott
Articulate Winner
Bruce Boxleitner
Wondrous Mischievous Maverick
Bruce Dern
Consolidated Critical Expertise
Bruce Hornsby
Consolidated Irreverence
Bruce Jenner
Individualized Research
Bruce Lee
Disciplined Electrifying Excitement
Bruce Springsteen
Individualized Breakthrough
Bruce Vilanch
Empowered Irreverence
Bruce Willis
Expressed Dogged Persistence
Bruno Mars
Satisfied High Romance
Bruno Tonioli
Inspirational Sustained Effort
Bryan Adams
Artistic Actuality
Bryan Cranston
Inspirational Abstract Structure
Bryan Ferry
Tender Patient Practice
Bryan Singer
Liberated Perseverance
Bryant Gumbel
Satisfied Charged Reactor
Bryce Dallas Howard
Studied Undying Loyalty
Bud Cort
Wondrous Observer
Buddy Holly
Expressed Success Seeker
Burney Lamar
Confident Standout
Burt Bacharach
Liberated Mischievous Maverick
Burt Reynolds
Consolidated Improved Comfort
Busta Rhymes
Electric Prolific Expression
Busy Philipps
Solved Sensitive Receptor
Butch Hartman
Experienced Hard Look
Buzz Aldrin
Satisfied Freewheeler
Byron Katie
Trusted Extraction


C. Thomas Howell
Graceful Idiosyncrasy
Caitlin O’Connor
Electric Idiosyncrasy
Cal Ripken Jr.
Solved Astute Examination
Calais Campbell
Discovered No Nonsense
Caleb Followill
Seductive Integrator
Calista Flockhart
Experienced Underground
Calvin Klein
Trusted Reformer
Cameron Bright
Amplified Striking Deeds
Cameron Crowe
Introspective Taken Opportunity
Cameron Diaz
Mastered Rock
Cameron Richardson
Structured Dramatic Choice
Camilla Belle
Discovered Verbal Acuity
Camilla Parker Bowles
Modulated Career Concerns
Camille Grammer
Wondrous Businesslike Attitude
Camille Paglia
Liberated Idealist
Campbell Scott
Trusted Controlled Movement
Camryn Manheim
Structured Nonconformity
Introspective Curveballer
Candace Bailey
Original Prolific Expression
Candace Cameron Bure
Introspective Experimenter
Candice Bergen
Experienced Moral Courage
Candy Lightner
Experienced Nimble Time
Carey Lowell
Structured Improved Comfort
Carey Mulligan
Graceful Innovative Trailblazer
Carl Bernstein
Studied Cool Quip
Carl Hiaasen
Freed Great Leap
Carl Lewis
Trusted Emancipation
Carl Reiner
Disciplined Labyrinth
Carl Sagan
Freed Earthly Temptation
Carla Bruni
Wondrous Groundbreakers
Carla Gugino
Released Structured Action
Carlon Jeffery
Responsible Passive-Active Duality
Carlos Ponce
Mastered Builder
Carlos Santana
Modulated Ups and Downs
Carly Chaikin
Released Integrity
Carly Rae Jepsen
Satisfied Elegance
Carly Simon
Tender Sensitive Receptor
Carmen Electra
Electric Worldly Challenge
Carmen Kass
Artistic Perceptive Critic
Carnie Wilson
Individualized Heavy Image
Carol Alt
Structured Mirthful License
Carol Burnett
Extended Cultivator
Carol Channing
Aware Poetic Song
Carol Kane
Considerate Financial Security
Carole King
Solved Vibrancy
Carole Lombard
Enchanted Good Life
Caroline Kennedy
Intentional Electrifying Excitement
Caroline Princess of Hanover
Influential Character
Caroline Quentin
Trusted Limit Pusher
Caroline Rhea
Tender Iconoclast
Carolyn Murphy
Reformed Validation
Carre Otis
Wondrous Heartbreaker
Carrie Ann Inaba
Discovered Recovery
Carrie Fisher
Reformed Singularity
Carrie Underwood
Enchanted Soul Searchers
Carrie-Anne Moss
Empowered Standout
Carroll Spinney
Considerate Indomitable One
Carrot Top
Experienced Higher Cause
Carson Daly
Consolidated Romantic Exaltation
Carson Kressley
Devoted Underground
Cary Grant
Artistic Childlike Fancy
Casey Affleck
Reformed Convention
Casey Kasem
Transcendent Self-Sufficiency
Casper Smart
Wondrous Experimenter
Cassie Scerbo
Released Uncompromising Vision
Cassie Steele
Considerate Larger-than-Life
Cassie Ventura
Discovered Supportive Partner
Cat Deeley
Aware Conflicting Karma
Cat Stevens
Satisfied Tragicomic Controversy
Catarina Furtado
Mastered Unabashed Extrovert
Cate Blanchett
Passionate Modern Irrepressibles
Catherine Bell
Individualized Mortal Mirror
Catherine Deneuve
Resolved Allure
Catherine Keener
Compassionate Curiosity
Catherine Oxenberg
Confident Restless Drive
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Transcendent Symbiotic Satirist
Cathy Guisewite
Passionate Fanciful Sovereign
Cathy Lee Crosby
Empowered Larger-than-Life
Cathy Rigby
Released Body Language
CCH Pounder
Released Supernatural
Cecil B. De Mille
Inspirational Convention
Cedric the Entertainer
Tender Protective Chronicler
Cee-Lo Green
Amplified Nimble Time
Celine Dion
Discovered Uncompromising Vision
Chace Crawford
Graceful Conviction
Chad Johnson
Disciplined Ambition
Chad Lowe
Discovered Heroic Inevitability
Chad Michael Murray
Versatile Astute Examination
Chaka Khan
Freed Curiosity
Chandra North
Consolidated Human Portrait
Chandra Wilson
Transcendent Social Ideals
Channing Tatum
Confident Cultivator
Charisma Carpenter
Extended Uncertainty Resolver
Charles Darwin
Intentional Unifier
Charles Gibson
Confident Space Voyager
Charles Grodin
Mastered Professional Commitment
Charles Osgood
Extended Big Bang
Charles Schulz
Grounded Distinctive Manner
Charlie Chaplin
Original Cosmic Comedy
Charlie Parker
Intentional Structured Action
Charlie Sheen
Liberated Mold Breaker
Charlie Watts
Artistic Problem Solvers
Charlize Theron
Reformed Double Agent
Charlotte Bacon
Wondrous Universality
Charlotte Lewis
Empowered Double Agent
Transcendent Heroic Inevitability
Chaz Bono
Passionate Creative Isolation
Chazz Palminteri
Considerate Dreamweavers
Cheech Marin
Experienced Taken Opportunity
Chelsea Clinton
Trusted Reality Masters
Chelsea Handler
Responsible Higher Cause
Chelsea Noble
Experienced Fortitude
Chelsea Tavares
Articulate Restless Drive
Experienced Prolific Expression
Cher Lloyd
Responsible Winner
Cheryl Burke
Liberated Social Realist
Cheryl Cole
Experienced Motivation
Cheryl Hines
Liberated Current Taste
Cheryl Ladd
Devoted Persuasive Presence
Cheryl Tiegs
Innocent Symbiotic Satirist
Chevy Chase
Resolved High Romance
Cheyenne Kimball
Freed Decision Maker
Chick Corea
Artistic Buoyant Optimism
Graceful Dramatic Choice
Chipper Jones
Electric Protective Chronicler
Chita Rivera
Extended Character
Chloë Grace Moretz
Artistic Acclaim
Chloe Sevigny
Responsible Temperament
Chow Yun-Fat
Expressed Established Activism
Chris Brown
Revelational Practical Awakening
Chris Christie
Studied Unpredictable Fate
Chris Colfer
Freed Driven Dedication
Chris Conley
Trusted Eternal Youth
Chris Cuomo
Revelational Psychological Leverage
Chris Daughtry
Trusted Indomitable One
Chris Egan
Liberated Airborne Dreamer
Chris Elliott
Grounded Cutting Edge
Chris Evans
Versatile Far-Off Adventure
Chris Evert
Consolidated Great Enigma
Chris Hemsworth
Experienced Validation
Chris Isaak
Responsible Stamina
Chris Jericho
Revelational Earthly Temptation
Chris Klein
Solved Relativity
Chris Martin
Aware Undying Loyalty
Chris Matthews
Enchanted Earthy Chemistry
Chris Messina
Inspirational Validation
Chris Noth
Consolidated Commentator
Chris O’Donnell
Extended Stamina
Chris Pine
Confident Supportive Partner
Chris Pratt
Solved Worldly Rapture
Chris Robinson
Graceful Generator
Chris Rock
Modulated Utopia
Chris Tucker
Mastered Public Appearance
Chris Wallace
Innocent Grand Gesture
Chris Young
Graceful Buoyant Optimism
Chrissie Hynde
Extended Success Seeker
Christian Bale
Amplified Take Charge
Christian LeBlanc
Instructional Unabashed Extrovert
Christian Serratos
Freed Current Taste
Christian Siriano
Satisfied Temperament
Christian Slater
Transcendent Endurance
Christie Brinkley
Mastered Class
Christina Aguilera
Resolved Mammoth Projects
Christina Applegate
Freed Sustained Effort
Christina Cimorelli
Freed Convention
Christina Hendricks
Disciplined Social Realist
Christina Milian
Tender Patient Practice
Christina Ricci
Trusted Unifier
Christine Baranski
Revelational Human Observation
Christine Lahti
Wondrous Initiative
Christine McVie
Resolved Persuasive Presence
Christopher Cross
Devoted Social Realist
Christopher Gorham
Inspirational Mortal Mirror
Christopher Guest
Graceful Quiet Eloquence
Christopher Knight
Intentional Discovery
Christopher Lloyd
Introspective Allure
Christopher Meloni
Structured Idealist
Christopher Nolan
Extended Tangible Presence
Christopher Titus
Graceful Top Dog
Christopher Walken
Confident Tenacity
Christy Turlington
Wondrous Self-Requirement
Chubby Checker
Grounded Trendsetter
Chuck D
Solved Original Style
Chuck Lorre
Released Personal Leadership
Chuck Mangione
Disciplined Instigator
Chuck Norris
Instructional Soul Searchers
Chuck Wicks
Solved Ecstatic Appeal
Chuck Yeager
Grounded Liveliness
Chyler Leigh
Original Daring
Considerate Clever Contributor
Chynna Phillips
Discovered Unifier
Satisfied Substantive Form
Cicely Tyson
Considerate Hellraisers
Cierra Ramirez
Intentional Space Voyager
Cindy Crawford
Modulated Impression
Cindy Williams
Modulated Seasoned Experience
Cisco Adler
Artistic Unpredictable Fate
Claire Danes
Solved Societal Awareness
Clarence Clemons
Solved Evaluation
Clay Aiken
Grounded Measured Attack
Clement von Franckenstein
Versatile Innovative Trailblazer
Cleve Hall
Disciplined Romantic Exaltation
Clint Black
Resolved Curveballer
Clint Eastwood
Empowered Cutting Edge
Clive Davis
Released Initiative
Clive Owen
Enchanted Trendsetter
Cloris Leachman
Seductive Dutiful Overload
Solved Aerialist
Cody Linley
Considerate Scrambler
Cody Longo
Transcendent Creative Isolation
Cody Simpson
Artistic Evaluation
Cokie Roberts
Studied Clever Contributor
Colbie Caillat
Graceful Innovative Trailblazer
Cole & Dylan Sprouse
Expressed Guiding Light
Colette Carr
Electric Substantiation
Colin Farrell
Intentional Cutting Edge
Colin Firth
Solved Private Goals
Colin Hanks
Compassionate Contentious Conviviality
Colin Powell
Inspirational Consequence
Collin Chou
Empowered Validation
Conan O’Brien
Seductive Vigorous Defense
Condoleezza Rice
Consolidated Investigator
Connie Chung
Translated Cryptic Secret
Connie Sellecca
Expressed Bold One
Conrad Murray
Freed Explorer
Constance Zimmer
Revelational Gracious Ease
Constantine Maroulis
Influential Perseverance
Seductive Original Style
Corbin Bernsen
Articulate Success Seeker
Corey Feldman
Released Rising Tide
Corinne Bailey Rae
Solved Arousal
Cory Monteith
Original Frequent Flyer
Courteney Cox-Arquette
Enchanted Pleasant Seduction
Courtney Love
Enchanted Wonder
Courtney Thorne-Smith
Wondrous Borderline
Craig David
Studied Practical Awakening
Craig Ferguson
Resolute Bottom Line
Craig T. Nelson
Experienced Initiative
Cree Summer
Transcendent Imaginative Revelations
Cress Williams
Individualized Decision Maker
Crispin Glover
Tender Worldly Challenge
Criss Angel
Discovered Hellraisers
Cristiano Ronaldo
Innocent Quiet Eloquence
Crystal Allen
Artistic Long Odds
Crystal Gayle
Transcendent Ambition
Crystal Harris
Empowered Heavy Image
Cuba Gooding Jr.
Discovered Self-Requirement
Curt Menefee
Liberated Occupational Fluctuation
Cybill Shepherd
Wondrous Complete Picture
Cyndi Lauper
Freed Romantic Exaltation
Cynthia Nixon
Modulated Excess
Cynthia Watros
Wondrous Businesslike Attitude


D.L. Hughley
Versatile Beauty Lovers
Dabney Coleman
Passionate Total Involvement
Daddy Yankee
Aware Exacting Realism
Daisy Fuentes
Graceful Bridge
Dakota Fanning
Reformed Viable Candidate
Dalai Lama
Mastered Magnetic Desire
Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Inspirational Prudent Economy
Dame Judi Dench
Electric Flamboyance
Damon Wayans
Solved Builder
Dan Aykroyd
Considerate Emancipation
Dan Brown
Enchanted Romantic Exaltation
Dan Castellaneta
Intentional New Ideas
Dan Cortese
Empowered Perceptive Critic
Dan Marino
Confident Mastery
Dan Rather
Passionate Attentiveness
Dana Carvey
Expressed Problem Solver
Dana Delany
Inspirational Fateful Prediction
Dane Cook
Electric Return
Danger Mouse
Compassionate Cultural Assessment
Dani Cimorelli
Seductive Pleasant Seduction
Danica McKellar
Responsible Total Involvement
Danica Patrick
Original Dynamism
Daniel Baldwin
Solved Just Cause
Daniel Craig
Discovered Undying Loyalty
Daniel Dae Kim
Individualized Guiding Light
Daniel Day-Lewis
Influential Heavy Image
Daniel Radcliffe
Revelational Uncertainty Resolver
Daniel Tosh
Reformed Quicksilver
Danielle Fishel
Studied Practical Awakening
Danielle Steel
Modulated Mortal Mirror
Danni Boatwright
Reformed Taken Opportunity
Dannii Minogue
Freed Vogue
Danny Aiello
Revelational Ecstatic Appeal
Danny Bonaduce
Disciplined Long Odds
Danny Boyle
Reformed Vogue
Danny DeVito
Seductive Bridge
Danny Elfman
Freed Quicksilver
Danny Glover
Modulated Occupational Fluctuation
Danny Masterson
Introspective Fateful Prediction
Danny Pudi
Solved Soul Searchers
Daphne Zuniga
Studied Research
Dara Torres
Satisfied Human Definition
Darius Rucker
Innocent Natural Appeal
Darren Criss
Individualized Quiet Eloquence
Darren Hayes
Electric Outspoken Spokesperson
Darryl Strawberry
Resolved Great Leap
Daryl Hall
Satisfied Gracious Ease
Daryl Hannah
Structured Ingenuity
Daryl Sabara
Expressed Gutsy Confrontation
Dave Annable
Structured Mastery
Dave Chappelle
Consolidated Astute Examination
Dave Foley
Versatile Formulators
Dave Grohl
Passionate Integrator
Dave Matthews
Graceful Ambition
Dave Stewart
Extended Difficult Demand
David Alan Grier
Responsible Motivation
David Archuleta
Electric Simple Sophistication
David Arquette
Released Puzzling Purist
David Banner
Articulate Policy Makers
David Beckham
Reformed Human Observation
David Boreanaz
Released Outrageous Flair
David Bowie
Liberated Big Bang
David Brenner
Consolidated Curveballer
David Byrne
Considerate Modern Irrepressibles
David Caruso
Inspirational Unusual Interests
David Conrad
Empowered Explosive Power
David Cook
Tender Generator
David Copperfield
Reformed Spirited Energies
David Crosby
Grounded Mortal Mirror
David Cross
Tender Initiative
David Duchovny
Solved Double Agent
David Faustino
Amplified Design
David Foster
Individualized Onslaught
David Furnish
Studied Substantive Form
David Geffen
Confident Intimacy
David Hasselhoff
Considerate Career Concerns
David Hyde Pierce
Compassionate Fulcrum
David Krumholtz
Artistic Dreamweavers
David Lee Roth
Amplified Prudent Economy
David Letterman
Liberated Societal Awareness
David Lynch
Enchanted Freewheeler
David Mamet
Innocent Measured Attack
David Paterson
Articulate Prolific Expression
David Paymer
Articulate Rock
David Robinson
Liberated Unique Happenings
David Schwimmer
Graceful Transformation
David Sedaris
Reformed Indomitable One
David Spade
Enchanted Occupational Fluctuation
David Thewlis
Versatile Labyrinth
Dawn Robinson
Wondrous Contentious Conviviality
Dax Shepard
Responsible Self-Requirement
Dean Cain
Innocent Human Portrait
Dean Kamen
Devoted Consequence
Dean Martin
Articulate Entertainer
Dean McDermott
Graceful Boss
Dean Stockwell
Consolidated Heaven and Hell
Deana Carter
Modulated Formulators
Debbie Allen
Wondrous Fulfillment
Debbie Gibson
Revelational Public Appearance
Debbie Reynolds
Transcendent Dignity
Debby Boone
Reformed Restless Drive
Debby Ryan
Inspirational Natural Appeal
Debi Mazar
Enchanted Royal Command
Deborah Cox
Inspirational Taken Opportunity
Deborah Harry
Tender Emancipation
Deborah Roberts
Solved Manager
Debra Messing
Individualized Royal Command
Debra Winger
Expressed Outrageous Flair
DeDee Pfeiffer
Experienced Emotional Organizer
Dee Wallace
Empowered Selective Exhibitionist
Deepak Chopra
Translated Allure
Deidre Hall
Innocent Attentiveness
Deion Sanders
Empowered Psychological Leverage
Della Reese
Transcendent Magnetic Desire
Delta Burke
Responsible Tangible Presence
Demi Lovato
Expressed Cryptic Secret
Demi Moore
Versatile Underground
Deniece Williams
Devoted Fluent Expression
Denis Leary
Introspective Endurance
Denise Austin
Influential Liveliness
Denise Richards
Freed Battler
Dennis Farina
Studied Eternal Youth
Dennis Hopper
Consolidated Bottom Line
Dennis Miller
Electric Long Breath
Dennis Quaid
Mastered Excess
Dennis Rodman
Trusted Natural Appeal
Denzel Washington
Consolidated Simple Sophistication
Derek Hough
Graceful Bottom Line
Derek Jeter
Inspirational Stamina
Desi Lydic
Versatile Motivation
Desmond Tutu
Wondrous Defiance
Dev Patel
Released Adopted Security
Devon Aoki
Tender Velvet Voice
Diablo Cody
Artistic Gutsy Confrontation
Diana DeGarmo
Wondrous Capital Investment
Diana Krall
Experienced Boss
Diana Ross
Versatile Integrity
Diane Farr
Transcendent Success Seeker
Diane Keaton
Enchanted Recovery
Diane Kruger
Intentional Material Inducer
Diane Lane
Experienced Vortex
Diane Neal
Influential Bridge
Diane Sawyer
Enchanted Continuity
Diane von Furstenberg
Liberated Aesthetic Promotion
Dianna Agron
Empowered Dutiful Overload
Dianne Wiest
Graceful Innocence
Dick Clark
Satisfied Measured Attack
Dick Enberg
Electric Ambition
Dick Gregory
Devoted Grand Gesture
Dick Smothers
Aware Scrambler
Dick Van Dyke
Versatile Exacting Craft
Dick Vitale
Compassionate Mental Insistence
Devoted Provocateur
Freed Supernatural
Diego Luna
Trusted Preeminence
Dina Lohan
Studied Mastery
Dionne Warwick
Solved Body Language
Dita Von Teese
Mastered Heartbreaker
Dizzy Gillespie
Consolidated Singularity
DJ Clue?
Responsible Big Bang
DJ Jazzy Jeff
Experienced Vortex
Djimon Hounsou
Tender Protective Chronicler
Dmitry Chaplin
Original Convincing Storyteller
Revelational Mammoth Projects
Doc Severinsen
Enchanted Imaginative Revelations
Dolly Parton
Enchanted Dreams and Visions
Dolph Lundgren
Artistic Long Breath
Dominic Cooper
Artistic Problem Solver
Dominic Monaghan
Aware Abandon
Dominique Swain
Confident Convention
Don Cheadle
Experienced Instigator
Don Henley
Modulated Occupational Fluctuation
Don Imus
Compassionate Uncertainty Resolver
Don Johnson
Individualized Expansion
Don McLean
Tender Verbal Acuity
Don Rickles
Seductive Outspoken Spokesperson
Donald Faison
Inspirational Romantic Exaltation
Donald Sutherland
Freed Career Concerns
Donald Trump
Experienced Gutsy Confrontation
Donatella Versace
Expressed Human Observation
Dondre Whitfield
Passionate Driven Dedication
Donna Karan
Satisfied Verbal Acuity
Donna Mills
Trusted Intensity
Donna Summer
Empowered Aesthetic Promotion
Donnie Wahlberg
Transcendent Explosive Power
Donny Osmond
Intentional Flamboyance
Donovan McNabb
Aware Sustained Effort
Doris Roberts
Discovered Provocateur
Dorothy Hamill
Responsible Symbolic Herald
Doug Benson
Tender Devotion
Doug Savant
Enchanted Worldly Rapture
Downtown Julie Brown
Original Social Ideals
Dr. Benjamin Spock
Compassionate Human Observation
Dr. Dre
Experienced Complete Picture
Dr. Drew
Instructional Builder
Dr. Joyce Brothers
Modulated Vogue
Dr. Phil
Passionate No Nonsense
Dr. Ruth
Liberated Critical Expertise
Dr. Seuss
Artistic Undying Loyalty
Discovered Sensational Detail
Drake Bell
Discovered Defensive Developer
Drea de Matteo
Freed Dreams and Visions
Drew Barrymore
Responsible Universality
Drew Bledsoe
Freed Cool Quip
Drew Brees
Grounded Heroic Inevitability
Drew Carey
Aware Energetic Transmission
Drew Daniel
Released Career Concerns
Drew Gooden
Versatile Wanderer
Drew Lachey
Intentional Roleplayer
Drew Sidora
Graceful Ironic Insight
Duane Chapman
Released Class
Duff Goldman
Responsible Earthy Chemistry
Liberated Interpersonal Enchantment
Dustin Diamond
Expressed Unusual Interests
Dustin Hoffman
Inspirational Roleplayer
Dustin Ingram
Released Destiny
Dweezil Zappa
Transcendent Fanciful Sovereign
Dwight Gooden
Experienced Boss
Dwight Howard
Satisfied Abandon
Dyan Cannon
Amplified Formulators
Dylan McDermott
Confident Organizational Cohesion
Dylan Riley Snyder
Artistic Aloof Icon
D`Arcy Wretzky
Individualized Ironic Insight


Eagle-Eye Cherry
Individualized Devotion
Eckhart Tolle
Graceful Animation
Ed Asner
Satisfied Encounter
Ed Burns
Discovered Compassionate Combatant
Ed Harris
Transcendent Lone Wolf
Ed Helms
Expressed Aloof Icon
Ed Lauter
Disciplined Overseer
Ed O’Neill
Experienced Societal Awareness
Ed Westwick
Wondrous Defensive Developer
Edd Hall
Instructional Idiosyncrasy
Eddie Cibrian
Consolidated Capital Investment
Eddie Fisher
Liberated Velvet Voice
Eddie Izzard
Resolved Utopia
Eddie Money
Empowered Clarity
Eddie Murphy
Structured Fulcrum
Eddie Van Halen
Consolidated Striking Deeds
Eddie Vedder
Experienced Groundbreakers
Edie Falco
Seductive Showman
Edward Furlong
Compassionate Versatile Signature
Edward James Olmos
Liberated Sacrifice
Edward Norton
Transcendent Endurance
Edyta Sliwinska
Studied Materialized Fantasy
Eleanor Roosevelt
Compassionate Gracious Ease
Eli Manning
Resolved Total Involvement
Elijah Wood
Studied Outstanding Achievements
Elin Nordegren
Trusted Emotional Organizer
Elisabeth Hasselbeck
Instructional Innovative Trailblazer
Elisabeth Rohm
Consolidated Steadfastness
Elisabeth Shue
Original Good Life
Elisabetta Canalis
Artistic Fearless Crusader
Elisha Cuthbert
Tender Measured Attack
Eliza Dushku
Resolved Laconic Authority
Elizabeth Banks
Amplified Acclaim
Elizabeth Berkley
Mastered Winner
Elizabeth Dole
Expressed Cultural Assessment
Elizabeth Hurley
Translated Laughter and Sadness
Elizabeth Jagger
Liberated Undying Loyalty
Elizabeth Mitchell
Extended Originator
Elizabeth Olsen
Extended Animation
Elizabeth Perkins
Solved Temperament
Elizabeth Reaser
Reformed Pleasant Seduction
Elizabeth Smart
Passionate Long Breath
Elizabeth Taylor
Passionate Reality Masters
Elizabeth Wurtzel
Empowered Human Portrait
Elle Macpherson
Tender Observer
Ellen Barkin
Expressed Cosmic Comedy
Ellen Burstyn
Devoted Idiosyncrasy
Ellen DeGeneres
Intentional Striking Deeds
Ellen Goodman
Artistic Policy Makers
Ellen Page
Individualized Intimacy
Ellen Pompeo
Devoted Metamorphosis
Elliott Gould
Influential Structured Action
Elon Musk
Released Emotional Stimulation
Elton John
Liberated Dynamism
Extended Perseverance
Elvis Costello
Articulate Unabashed Extrovert
Elvis Presley
Electric Big Bang
Emeril Lagasse
Artistic Worlds Stage
Emile Hirsch
Innocent Fateful Prediction
Emilie de Ravin
Seductive Clever Contributor
Emilio Estefan, Jr.
Freed Creative Isolation
Emilio Estevez
Resolute Mischievous Maverick
Emily Blunt
Enchanted Viable Candidate
Emily Deschanel
Intentional Gracious Ease
Emily Dickinson
Structured Inner Fervor
Emily VanCamp
Empowered Mischievous Maverick
Emily Watson
Graceful Integrator
Mastered Precarious Balance
Emma Barton
Introspective Eternal Youth
Emma Bunton
Introspective Frontrunner
Emma Heming
Artistic Financial Security
Emma McLaughlin
Amplified Utopia
Emma Pierson
Studied Dutiful Overload
Emma Roberts
Electric Acclaim
Emma Stone
Extended Rousing Vigor
Emma Thompson
Compassionate Human Definition
Emma Watson
Released Human Definition
Emmanuel Lewis
Considerate Space Voyager
Emmitt Smith
Passionate Dreamweavers
Emmy Rossum
Discovered Fearless Crusader
Emmylou Harris
Liberated Idealist
Engelbert Humperdinck
Consolidated Human Observation
Enrique Iglesias
Reformed Outspoken Spokesperson
Trusted Bottom Line
Eric Bana
Individualized Psychological Leverage
Eric Benet
Graceful Worlds Stage
Eric Clapton
Original Uncompromising Vision
Eric Dane
Mastered Earthly Temptation
Eric Mabius
Considerate Established Presence
Eric McCormack
Seductive Vigorous Defense
Eric Roberts
Responsible Vigorous Defense
Eric Stoltz
Confident Glaring Truth
Eric Stonestreet
Released Difficult Demand
Eric Winter
Intentional Career Concerns
Erik Palladino
Individualized Lone Movers
Erik-Michael Estrada
Structured Breakthrough
Erika Christensen
Tender Startling Surprises
Erin Andrews
Disciplined Nurturing Support
Erin Moran
Confident Personal Leadership
Erin Sanders
Electric Dreams and Visions
Ernest Hemingway
Expressed Tragicomic Controversy
Erno Rubik
Versatile Taken Opportunity
Erykah Badu
Electric Arousal
Trusted Childlike Fancy
Estelle Harris
Transcendent Initiative
Ethan Hawke
Revelational Rousing Vigor
Ethan Zohn
Expressed Sensual Charisma
Ethel Kennedy
Translated Policy Makers
Etta James
Reformed Destiny
Eugene Cernan
Released Relativity
Eugene Levy
Liberated Earthy Chemistry
Eva Green
Confident Showman
Eva LaRue
Graceful Clever Contributor
Eva Longoria
Responsible Heights
Eva Marcille
Modulated Overseer
Eva Mendes
Amplified Heaven and Hell
Eva Peron
Responsible Devotion
Evan Bayh
Inspirational Indomitable One
Evan Handler
Structured Hard Look
Evan Rachel Wood
Passionate Success Seeker
Evan Spiegel
Freed Critical Expertise
Evander Holyfield
Studied Projector
Evangeline Lilly
Structured Dangerous Quest
Grounded Metamorphosis
Eve Torres
Modulated Standout
Evel Knievel
Introspective Precarious Balance
Transcendent Endurance
Ewan McGregor
Considerate Tenacity


F. Murray Abraham
Aware Sensational Detail
Fabio Lanzoni
Compassionate Heights
Compassionate Temperament
Fairuza Balk
Amplified Unfailing Vision
Faith Ford
Enchanted Perceptive Critic
Faith Hill
Empowered Current Taste
Famke Janssen
Experienced Actuality
Fantasia Barrino
Liberated Motivation
Farah Fath
Liberated Ironic Insight
Farrah Franklin
Studied Social Realist
Fats Domino
Translated Arousal
Faye Dunaway
Disciplined Integrator
Felicity Huffman
Versatile Flamboyance
Responsible Originator
Fidel Castro
Original Long Odds
Devoted Transformation
Fifty Cent
Intentional Magnetic Desire
Fiona Apple
Compassionate Passionate Care
Fiona Shaw
Aware Passive-Active Duality
Fionnula Flanagan
Solved Inner Fervor
Flavor Flav
Compassionate Realistic Inspiration
Studied Essential Judgment
Flo Rida
Trusted Soaring Imagination
Florence Henderson
Considerate Cool Quip
Florence Welch
Discovered Language
Forest Whitaker
Trusted Material Inducer
Foxy Brown
Structured Unpredictable Fate
Fran Drescher
Introspective Glaring Truth
Fran Tarkenton
Instructional Exacting Realism
Frances Fisher
Revelational Frequent Flyer
Frances McDormand
Introspective Interpersonal Enchantment
Francis Ford Coppola
Intentional Enthusiastic Belief
Frank Gehry
Innocent Zest
Frank Langella
Instructional Emotional Organizer
Frank Oz
Versatile Bold One
Frank Sinatra
Freed Body Language
Frankie Muniz
Satisfied Confidence
Frankie Valli
Inspirational Social Realist
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Responsible Take Charge
Fred Astaire
Expressed Lone Movers
Fred Couples
Artistic Trendsetter
Fred Durst
Released Cryptic Secret
Fred Grandy
Satisfied Airborne Dreamer
Fred Savage
Intentional Wonder
Fred Weller
Modulated Vigorous Defense
Freddie Highmore
Consolidated Cool Quip
Freddie Mercury
Translated Fanciful Sovereign
Freddie Prinze Jr.
Introspective Nonconformity
Freida Pinto
Modulated Personal Leadership
Frenchie Davis
Solved Devotion
Frida Lyngstad
Enchanted Encounter
Fyvush Finkel
Artistic Penetrating Gaze


Gabby Douglas
Instructional Aesthetic Promotion
Gabe Kaplan
Original Tenacity
Gabourey Sidibe
Enchanted Materialized Fantasy
Gabriel Byrne
Wondrous Mischievous Maverick
Gabrielle Giffords
Extended Influential Individualism
Gabrielle Reece
Devoted Substantiation
Gabrielle Union
Mastered New Ideas
Gail O’Grady
Versatile Character
Gale Harold
Transcendent Passive-Active Duality
Trusted Instigator
Garcelle Beauvais
Graceful Distinctive Manner
Garrett Hedlund
Modulated Mold Breaker
Garry Marshall
Freed Commentator
Garry Shandling
Individualized Instigator
Garry Trudeau
Satisfied Tragicomic Controversy
Garth Brooks
Resolved Utopia
Gary Busey
Versatile Airborne Dreamer
Gary Dourdan
Graceful Intensity
Gary Goldschneider
Intentional Serial Epic
Gary Oldman
Aware Clarity
Gary Sinise
Expressed Aerialist
Gavin DeGraw
Aware Curveballer
Gavin Rossdale
Empowered Overseer
Gayle King
Consolidated Simple Sophistication
Gayle Sayers
Confident Nimble Time
Geddy Lee
Electric Cultural Assessment
Geena Davis
Inspirational Frontrunner
Gemma Ward
Passionate Long Breath
Gena Lee Nolin
Freed Instigator
Gene Hackman
Satisfied Take Charge
Gene Roddenberry
Instructional Startling Surprises
Gene Simmons
Individualized Unabashed Extrovert
Gene Wilder
Mastered Limit Pusher
Genie Francis
Resolute Stalwart Protector
Geoff Johns
Articulate Destiny
Geoffrey Rush
Devoted Magnetic Desire
George Brett
Freed Dreamweaver
George Carlin
Inspirational Mischievous Maverick
George Clooney
Trusted Materialized Fantasy
George F. Will
Artistic Nurturing Support
George Foreman
Empowered Hard Look
George Hamilton
Aware Convention
George Harrison
Confident Higher Cause
George Lopez
Trusted Adopted Security
George Lucas
Versatile Modern Irrepressibles
George Michael
Seductive Sensitive Receptor
George Noory
Passionate Critical Expertise
George Steinbrenner
Empowered Group Representative
George Stephanopolous
Structured Acclaim
George Strait
Considerate Established Activism
George Takei
Instructional Worldly Challenge
George Thorogood
Wondrous Sacrifice
George W. Bush
Experienced Magnetic Desire
George Washington
Amplified Universality
Georgia O’Keeffe
Resolved Encounter
Gerald R. Ford
Passionate Convincing Storyteller
Geraldine Ferraro
Mastered Supportive Partner
Geraldo Rivera
Resolved Group Representative
Gerard Butler
Devoted Commentator
Gerard Depardieu
Empowered Clever Contributor
Gerard Piqué
Individualized Class
Geri Halliwell
Mastered Unique Happenings
Giada De Laurentiis
Revelational Seasoned Experience
Gilbert Gottfried
Expressed Zest
Gillian Anderson
Individualized Psychological Leverage
Gina Gershon
Resolved Laughter and Sadness
Gina Glocksen
Liberated Group Representative
Ginnifer Goodwin
Artistic Serial Epic
Giorgio Armani
Freed Unsolicited Opinion
Gisele Bundchen
Confident Ups and Downs
Giselle Fernandez
Trusted Dreamweavers
Giuliana Rancic
Inspirational Explosive Power
Gladys Knight
Versatile Innovative Trailblazer
Glen Campbell
Consolidated Established Presence
Glen Frye
Satisfied Rousing Vigor
Glenn Beck
Tender Acclaim
Glenn Close
Liberated Dogged Persistence
Gloria Estefan
Introspective No Nonsense
Gloria Gaynor
Individualized Success Seeker
Gloria Reuben
Enchanted Mental Insistence
Gloria Steinem
Released Dynamism
Gloria Vanderbilt
Trusted Impression
Goldie Hawn
Enchanted Elegance
Goran Visnjic
Mastered Difficult Demand
Gordon Brown
Transcendent Impression
Gordon Ramsay
Graceful Borderline
Gore Vidal
Versatile Trendsetter
Confident Unfailing Vision
Grace Bumbry
Amplified Formulators
Grace Jones
Considerate Heartfelt Persuasion
Grace Slick
Aware Overseer
Graham Nash
Solved Class
Graham Patrick Martin
Articulate Investigator
Grant Hill
Mastered Just Cause
Greg Gumbel
Experienced Social Realist
Greg Kinnear
Seductive Artful Force
Greg LeMond
Trusted Stamina
Greg Louganis
Artistic Compassionate Combatant
Greg Raposo
Graceful Social Realist
Gregg Allman
Innocent Abandon
Gretchen Mol
Expressed Borderline
Gretchen Wilson
Consolidated Stamina
Groucho Marx
Translated Verbal Acuity
Gucci Mane
Trusted Class
Gus Van Sant
Considerate Exciting Instability
Guy Fieri
Discovered Vortex
Guy Ritchie
Wondrous Private Goals
Gwen Humble
Mastered Fortitude
Gwen Stefani
Transcendent Trendsetter
Gwendoline Yeo
Instructional Passive-Active Duality
Gwyneth Paltrow
Mastered Ambiguous Hero


H. Ross Perot
Empowered Defensive Developer
Hailee Steinfeld
Disciplined Intensity
Hal Sparks
Transcendent Symbiotic Satirist
Haley Bennett
Passionate Unusual Interests
Haley Joel Osment
Transcendent Daring
Halle Berry
Innocent Mortal Mirror
Hamid Karzai
Intentional Complex Emotions
Hank Aaron
Considerate Quiet Eloquence
Hank Azaria
Tender Physical Substance
Hank Baskett
Tender Builder
Hank Williams Jr.
Discovered Stalwart Protector
Harlan Coben
Mastered Formulators
Harold Perrineau
Seductive Double Agent
Harold Ramis
Seductive Elegance
Harper Lee
Seductive Steadfastness
Harrison Ford
Structured Taken Opportunity
Harry Anderson
Released Moderation
Harry Belafonte
Enchanted Artistic Sensibilities
Harry Connick Jr.
Empowered Dramatic Choice
Harry Dean Stanton
Original Convincing Storyteller
Harry Hamlin
Extended Overseer
Harry Morgan
Considerate Daring
Harry Reid
Aware Larger-than-Life
Harry Shearer
Studied Groundbreakers
Harry Shum
Original Steadfastness
Harry Styles
Reformed Willfulness
Harvey Fierstein
Considerate Visionary
Harvey Keitel
Intentional Natural Appeal
Harvey Weinstein
Revelational Dogged Persistence
Hayden Christensen
Studied Solid Control
Hayden Panettiere
Considerate Standout
Hayley Williams
Extended Clever Contributor
Haylie Duff
Innocent Explorer
Heather Graham
Devoted Compassionate Combatant
Heather Locklear
Confident Symbiotic Satirist
Heather Matarazzo
Tender Metamorphosis
Heather Mills
Discovered Wild Call
Heather Morris
Individualized Willfulness
Heather Thomas
Introspective Puzzling Purist
Heather Wahlquist
Instructional Energetic Transmission
Heavy D
Influential Magnifier
Hector Elizondo
Amplified Continuity
Heidi Fleiss
Modulated Laconic Authority
Heidi Klum
Consolidated Popular Eye
Heidi Montag
Discovered Mastery
Helen Hunt
Seductive Pleasant Seduction
Helen Mirren
Translated Symbolic Herald
Helen Slater
Original Expansion
Helena Bonham Carter
Innocent Stalwart Protector
Helena Christensen
Wondrous Supernatural
Hélio Castroneves
Reformed Lone Movers
Henry Ford
Reformed Tangible Presence
Henry Ian Cusick
Satisfied Serious Purpose
Henry Kissinger
Solved Driven Dedication
Henry Thomas
Released Puzzling Purist
Henry Winkler
Enchanted Overseer
Herbie Hancock
Instructional Societal Awareness
Herman Cain
Enchanted Exacting Craft
Herschel Walker
Resolved Design
Hilary Duff
Passionate Heartbreaker
Hilary Hahn
Trusted Electrifying Excitement
Hilary Swank
Inspirational Tangible Presence
Hillary Clinton
Innocent Organizational Cohesion
Hillary Scott
Empowered Dignity
Hoda Kotb
Enchanted Psychological Leverage
Holly Hunter
Aware Labyrinth
Holly Madison
Trusted Groundbreakers
Holly Marie Combs
Expressed Ingenuity
Holly Robinson Peete
Enchanted Internal Mystery
Holly Williams
Studied Great Leap
Hope Davis
Tender Curiosity
Howard Stern
Mastered Wild Call
Howie Day
Resolved Heroic Inevitability
Howie Dorough
Consolidated Seasoned Experience
Howie Long
Artistic Substantiation
Howie Mandel
Inspirational Instigator
Huey Lewis
Devoted Showman
Hugh Dancy
Reformed Spark
Hugh Downs
Aware Cool Quip
Hugh Grant
Solved Difficult Demand
Hugh Hefner
Seductive Excess
Hugh Jackman
Wondrous Grand Gesture
Hugh Laurie
Disciplined Limit Pusher
Hulk Hogan
Electric Validation
Hunter S. Thompson
Inspirational Conviction
Hunter Tylo
Seductive Commemorator


Ian Anderson
Modulated Velvet Voice
Ian Gomez
Experienced Clever Contributor
Ian McKellen
Intentional Bold One
Ian McShane
Trusted Charged Reactor
Ian Somerhalder
Grounded Abandon
Ian Ziering
Tender Uncompromising Vision
Ice Cube
Transcendent Pleasant Seduction
Structured Animation
Idina Menzel
Released Nimble Time
Iggy Pop
Liberated Professional Commitment
Illeana Douglas
Liberated Quixotic Exploits
Amplified Quixotic Exploits
Imelda Marcos
Wondrous Disconnected Unconscious
Ina Garten
Innocent Class
Ione Skye
Revelational Builder
Ira Glass
Compassionate Design
Isabel Lucas
Innocent Compassionate Combatant
Isabeli Fontana
Experienced Group Representative
Isabella Rossellini
Considerate Financial Security
Isabelle Adjani
Amplified Defensive Developer
Isaiah Washington
Seductive Dangerous Quest
Isiah Thomas
Trusted Dutiful Overload
Isla Fisher
Introspective Exacting Realism
Itzhak Perlman
Tender Public Appearance
Ivana Baquero
Influential Limit Pusher
Ivana Trump
Empowered Impression
Ivanka Trump
Versatile Overseer


Graceful Validation
J. Edgar Hoover
Transcendent Emotional Organizer
J. Michael Straczynski
Articulate Career Concerns
J. Paul Getty
Satisfied Expansion
J.C. Chasez
Intentional Roleplayer
J.D. Salinger
Inspirational Emotional Organizer
J.J. Abrams
Innocent Defensive Developer
J.K. Rowling
Liberated Human Portrait
J.K. Simmons
Consolidated Ambition
J.R. Martinez
Experienced Gutsy Confrontation
J.R.R. Tolkien
Innocent Total Involvement
Ja Rule
Introspective Eternal Youth
Jacinda Barrett
Mastered Versatile Signature
Jack Black
Transcendent Language
Jack Johnson
Reformed Established Activism
Jack Klugman
Disciplined Self-Sufficiency
Jack LaLanne
Extended Patient Practice
Jack Nicholson
Inspirational Established Presence
Jack Nicklaus
Instructional Frontrunner
Jack Osbourne
Satisfied Borderline
Jack Wagner
Artistic Trendsetter
Jack White
Reformed Wonder
Jackie Chan
Mastered Enthusiastic Belief
Jackie Collins
Responsible Incorrigible
Jackie Joyner-Kersee
Resolved Design
Jackie Mason
Released Mental Insistence
Jaclyn Smith
Innocent Organizational Cohesion
Jacqueline Bisset
Seductive Passionate Care
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
Graceful Winner
Jacques Cousteau
Modulated Limit Pusher
Jacqui Ainsley
Seductive Lone Wolf
Jada Pinkett Smith
Released Internal Mystery
Jaden Smith
Trusted Dark Pragmatist
Jaime Bergman
Influential Breakthrough
Jaime Pressly
Compassionate Tangible Presence
Jaimee Foxworth
Trusted Earthy Chemistry
Jake Gyllenhaal
Resolved Hellraisers
Jake Lloyd
Extended Heaven and Hell
Jaleel White
Aware Electrifying Excitement
Jamar Rogers
Seductive Artistic Sensibilities
Jameer Nelson
Seductive Vibrancy
Resolved Evaluation
James Blunt
Amplified Universality
James Brolin
Compassionate Conviction
James Caan
Instructional Integrity
James Cameron
Articulate High Voltage
James Carpinello
Reformed Long Odds
James Caviezel
Wondrous Patient Practice
James Cromwell
Solved Precocity
James Earl Jones
Individualized Heavyweight
James Franco
Disciplined Solid Control
James Gandolfini
Confident Internal Mystery
James Garner
Translated Enthusiastic Belief
James Haven
Consolidated Frequent Flyer
James Hetfield
Seductive Dangerous Quest
James Ingram
Inspirational Animation
James L. Brooks
Compassionate Moral Courage
James Lafferty
Graceful Quixotic Exploits
James Marsden
Expressed Internal Mystery
James Marsters
Studied Cryptic Secret
James McAvoy
Solved Professional Commitment
James Patterson
Liberated Direct Current
James Randi
Liberated Double Agent
James Righton
Experienced Unabashed Extrovert
James Spader
Artistic Utopia
James Taylor
Graceful Great Leap
James Tupper
Liberated Guiding Light
James Van Der Beek
Instructional Nonconformity
James Woods
Liberated Vigorous Defense
James Worthy
Structured Reality Masters
Jamie Elman
Intentional Showman
Jamie Farr
Released Emancipation
Jamie Foxx
Discovered Exacting Craft
Jamie Kennedy
Extended Bold One
Jamie Lee Curtis
Instructional Liberator
Jamie Lynn Sigler
Studied Dreamweavers
Jamie Lynn Spears
Mastered Initiative
Jamie Oliver
Reformed Driven Dedication
Jane Brody
Artistic Heartfelt Persuasion
Jane Bryant Quinn
Introspective Quiet Eloquence
Jane Curtin
Modulated Unpredictable Fate
Jane Fonda
Responsible Great Enigma
Jane Horrocks
Tender Childlike Fancy
Jane Kaczmarek
Inspirational Great Enigma
Jane Krakowski
Wondrous Gracious Ease
Jane Leeves
Trusted Vigorous Defense
Jane Lynch
Solved Convincing Storyteller
Jane Pauley
Transcendent Attentiveness
Jane Seymour
Transcendent Inventiveness
Jane Wyman
Mastered Recovery
Janeane Garofalo
Enchanted Heartbreaker
Janet Jackson
Innocent Outrageous Flair
Janet Jones
Structured Hard Look
Janice Dickinson
Expressed Inventiveness
Janine Turner
Versatile Extraction
January Jones
Disciplined Recovery
Jared Leto
Freed Indomitable One
Jared Padalecki
Original Controlled Movement
Jasmine Guy
Tender Soul Searchers
Jason Alexander
Disciplined Breakthrough
Jason Bateman
Passionate Integrator
Jason Biggs
Artistic Mischievous Maverick
Jason Collins
Grounded Larger-than-Life
Jason Gedrick
Experienced Utopia
Jason Isaacs
Seductive Visionary
Jason Kidd
Introspective Curiosity
Jason Lee
Extended Physical Substance
Jason Momoa
Structured Original Style
Jason Mraz
Instructional Interpersonal Enchantment
Jason Priestley
Transcendent Language
Jason Ritter
Trusted Battler
Jason Schwartzman
Confident Stamina
Jason Segel
Grounded Childlike Fancy
Jason Sehorn
Considerate Human Definition
Jason Sudeikis
Influential Internal Mystery
Jason Trawick
Freed Fortitude
Jason Wade
Confident Showman
Javier Bardem
Passionate Artistic Sensibilities
Jay Leno
Wondrous Steadfastness
Jay Mohr
Revelational Lively Precision
Devoted Fortitude
Jayma Mays
Structured Rising Tide
Jean Smart
Disciplined Passionate Care
Jean Stapleton
Grounded Dreams and Visions
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Solved Personal Leadership
Jean-Paul Gaultier
Revelational Protective Chronicler
Jeanne Tripplehorn
Seductive Laughter and Sadness
Jeff Beck
Versatile Blissful Wizard
Jeff Bezos
Tender Wild Call
Jeff Bridges
Individualized Fortitude
Jeff Conaway
Passionate Just Cause
Jeff Daniels
Expressed Explorer
Jeff Foxworthy
Instructional Unpredictable Fate
Jeff Goldblum
Released Allure
Jeff Gordon
Released Guiding Light
Jeff Hardy
Compassionate Public Appearance
Jeff Probst
Versatile Provocateur
Jeff Zucker
Translated Excess
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Modulated Established Presence
Jeffrey Donovan
Individualized Frequent Flyer
Jenna Bush Hager
Seductive Sustained Effort
Jenna Dewan
Resolved Ingenuity
Jenna Elfman
Released Glaring Truth
Jenna Fischer
Amplified Abstract Structure
Jenna Jameson
Reformed Excess
Jenna Ushkowitz
Empowered Steadfastness
Jennette McCurdy
Expressed Stamina
Jennie Finch
Resolved Mold Breaker
Jennie Garth
Electric Fulcrum
Jennifer Aniston
Passionate Improved Comfort
Jennifer Beals
Original Hellraisers
Jennifer Bini Taylor
Electric Solid Control
Jennifer Capriati
Introspective Observer
Jennifer Connelly
Revelational Body Language
Jennifer Coolidge
Original Language
Jennifer Ellison
Experienced Nimble Time
Jennifer Esposito
Articulate Policy Makers
Jennifer Finnigan
Structured Seasoned Experience
Jennifer Freeman
Satisfied Vogue
Jennifer Garner
Electric Serious Purpose
Jennifer Holliday
Solved Projector
Jennifer Hudson
Versatile Fearless Crusader
Jennifer Lawrence
Freed Royal Command
Jennifer Lopez
Transcendent Exciting Instability
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Solved Intimacy
Jennifer Morrison
Solved Societal Awareness
Jennifer Nettles
Inspirational Fearless Crusader
Jennifer Tilly
Confident Spirited Energies
Jennifer Walcott
Instructional Outspoken Spokesperson
Jennifer Westfeldt
Devoted Class
Jenny Jones
Experienced Entertainer
Jenny McCarthy
Mastered Onslaught
Jenny Mollen
Solved Nimble Time
Jeremy Irons
Satisfied Fine Appearance
Jeremy Piven
Liberated Symbolic Herald
Jeremy Renner
Considerate Unusual Interests
Jeremy Sisto
Inspirational Good Life
Jeri Ryan
Discovered Universality
Jermaine Jackson
Consolidated Intensity
Jerry Brown
Reformed Enthusiastic Belief
Jerry Bruckheimer
Tender Current Taste
Jerry Garcia
Structured Original Style
Jerry Hall
Responsible Disconnected Unconscious
Jerry Lee Lewis
Articulate Charged Reactor
Jerry Lewis
Seductive Realistic Inspiration
Jerry O’Connell
Amplified Battler
Jerry Rice
Studied Tough Cookie
Jerry Seinfeld
Articulate Heavy Image
Jerry Springer
Studied Liveliness
Jesse Bradford
Solved Innovative Trailblazer
Jesse Eisenberg
Experienced Just Cause
Jesse Jackson
Grounded High Romance
Jesse James
Passionate Solid Control
Jesse Metcalfe
Grounded Flamboyance
Jesse Spencer
Grounded Unifier
Jesse Tyler Ferguson
Influential Allure
Jesse Ventura
Devoted Material Inducer
Jessica Alba
Studied Steadfastness
Jessica Biel
Seductive Design
Jessica Capshaw
Intentional Psychological Leverage
Jessica Chastain
Instructional Beguiling Simplicity
Jessica Hall
Experienced Worldly Rapture
Jessica Lange
Discovered Worldly Challenge
Jessica Lucas
Resolved Wanderer
Jessica Simpson
Confident Passive-Active Duality
Jessica Stroup
Discovered Conflicting Karma
Jessica Szohr
Innocent Tenacity
Jessie J
Transcendent Originator
Jet Li
Seductive Cultivator
Amplified Energetic Transmission
Jill Biden
Devoted Brilliant Path
Jill Clayburgh
Versatile Dutiful Overload
Jill Eikenberry
Liberated Frontrunner
Jill Goodacre
Translated Observer
Jill Hennessy
Wondrous Sustained Effort
Jillian Dempsey
Modulated Curveballer
Jillian Michaels
Amplified Complete Picture
Jillian Reynolds
Graceful Patient Practice
Jim Abbott
Empowered Fine Appearance
Jim Belushi
Articulate Pleasant Seduction
Jim Broadbent
Discovered Magnifier
Jim Carrey
Confident Heavyweight
Jim Courier
Revelational Explosive Power
Jim Davis
Tender Winner
Jim Lehrer
Released Heartfelt Persuasion
Jim Morrison
Studied Abandon
Jim Sturgess
Studied Outrageous Flair
Jim Toth
Compassionate Substantive Form
Jimi Hendrix
Trusted Electrifying Excitement
Jimmie Johnson
Influential Perseverance
Jimmie Walker
Discovered Sensitive Receptor
Jimmy Bennett
Instructional Vibrancy
Jimmy Buffett
Liberated Supernatural
Jimmy Carter
Confident Top Dog
Jimmy Connors
Considerate Businesslike Attitude
Jimmy Fallon
Inspirational Fine Appearance
Jimmy Kimmel
Empowered Commentator
Jimmy Smits
Amplified Wonder
Joan Allen
Reformed Cryptic Secret
Joan Baez
Disciplined Ambition
Joan Chen
Artistic Total Involvement
Joan Collins
Revelational Energetic Transmission
Joan Cusack
Studied Gracious Ease
Joan Jett
Solved Restless Drive
Joan Lunden
Passionate Fine Appearance
Joan Rivers
Revelational Influential Individualism
Joan VanArk
Resolved Capital Investment
Joanna Kerns
Released Unifier
Joanna Krupa
Solved Adopted Security
Joanne Woodward
Satisfied Reality Masters
Joaquin Phoenix
Inspirational Research
JoBeth Williams
Empowered Extraction
Jodie Foster
Versatile Reformer
Jody Thompson
Intentional Long Odds
Jody Wately
Compassionate Take Charge
Joe Biden
Trusted Scrambler
Joe Cocker
Versatile Prolific Expression
Joe Francis
Articulate Dignity
Joe Jonas
Considerate Royal Command
Joe Lieberman
Solved Sacrifice
Joe Mantegna
Innocent Commentator
Joe Montana
Responsible Limit Pusher
Joe Namath
Confident Cutting Edge
Joe Penny
Responsible Blissful Wizard
Joe Perry
Passionate Private Goals
Joe Pesci
Confident Vibrancy
Joe Piscopo
Devoted Artful Force
Joel Madden
Solved Progressive Intuition
Joel McHale
Freed Scrambler
Joely Fisher
Liberated New Ideas
Joely Richardson
Experienced Ambition
Joey Fatone Jr.
Aware Outstanding Achievements
Joey Lawrence
Introspective Worldly Challenge
Joey McIntyre
Articulate Aesthetic Promotion
John Billingsley
Grounded Prolific Expression
John Boehner
Individualized Bridge
John C. McGinley
Disciplined Dangerous Quest
John C. Reilly
Translated Magnifier
John Cho
Electric Capital Investment
John Cleese
Aware Impulse
John Coltrane
Original Breakthrough
John Corbett
Trusted Moral Courage
John Cusack
Innocent Emotional Stimulation
John Edwards
Freed Laughter and Sadness
John Elway
Grounded Emotional Stimulation
John F. Kennedy
Articulate Quicksilver
John F. Kennedy Jr.
Structured Sustained Effort
John Fogerty
Tender Innovative Trailblazer
John Forsythe
Expressed Compassionate Combatant
John Gibson
Translated Quixotic Exploits
John Gidding
Aware Unusual Interests
John Glenn
Instructional Conviction
John Goodman
Considerate Ecstatic Appeal
John Grisham
Expressed Precognition
John Kerry
Studied Intensity
John Krasinski
Structured Vogue
John Landis
Passionate Dangerous Quest
John Larroquette
Innocent Sustained Effort
John Legend
Grounded Simple Sophistication
John Lennon
Disciplined Penetrating Gaze
John Linnell
Disciplined Buoyant Optimism
John Lithgow
Enchanted Projector
John Madden
Consolidated Daring
John Major
Confident Observer
John Malkovich
Mastered Flamboyance
John Mayer
Compassionate Essential Judgment
John McCain
Expressed Structured Action
John McEnroe
Compassionate Animation
John Mellencamp
Extended Defiance
John Oates
Discovered Enthusiastic Belief
John Ondrasik
Experienced Unusual Interests
John O’Hurley
Consolidated Penetrating Gaze
John Ratzenberger
Liberated Experimenter
John Ritter
Satisfied Perseverance
John Rzeznik
Liberated Confidence
John Sandford
Studied Viable Candidate
John Savage
Individualized Unabashed Extrovert
John Schneider
Grounded Conscience
John Singleton
Discovered Substantiation
John Slattery
Studied Long Odds
John Stamos
Original Startling Surprises
John Steinbeck
Intentional Reality Masters
John Tartaglia
Disciplined Animation
John Tesh
Considerate Wonder
John Travolta
Mastered Complete Picture
John Turturro
Influential Zest
John Waite
Considerate Group Representative
John Walsh
Enchanted Indomitable One
John Wayne
Seductive Stalwart Protector
John Williams
Passionate Precognition
Johnny Carson
Versatile Conflicting Karma
Johnny Cash
Passionate Arousal
Johnny Depp
Seductive Mental Insistence
Johnny Knoxville
Considerate Progressive Intuition
Johnny Rotten
Inspirational Poetic Song
Johnny Van Zant
Compassionate Reality Masters
Electric Generator
Jon Bon Jovi
Resolved Undying Loyalty
Jon Cryer
Translated Cosmic Comedy
Jon Favreau
Studied Problem Solver
Jon Favreau
Graceful Projector
Jon Gosselin
Instructional Dignity
Jon Hamm
Considerate Soul Searchers
Jon Heder
Compassionate Organizational Cohesion
Jon Lovitz
Introspective Tragicomic Controversy
Jon Stewart
Versatile Lone Wolf
Jon Tenney
Confident Soaring Imagination
Jon Voight
Introspective Preeminence
Jonah Hill
Translated Generator
Jonathan Davis
Considerate Childlike Fancy
Jonathan Demme
Studied Universality
Jonathan Lipnicki
Electric Allure
Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Compassionate Decision Maker
Jonathan Silverman
Innocent Resolute Composure
Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Versatile Puzzling Purist
Jonathan Winters
Versatile Underground
Joni Mitchell
Studied Discovery
Jonny Lee Miller
Mastered Encounter
Jools Holland
Intentional Aloof Icon
Jordana Brewster
Confident Cultivator
Jordin Sparks
Released Continuity
Jorge Garcia
Consolidated Steadfastness
Jorja Fox
Individualized Imaginative Revelations
Jorma Taccone
Instructional Dogged Persistence
Jose Canseco
Enchanted Disconnected Unconscious
José Carreras
Translated Confidence
Joseph Fiennes
Extended Driven Dedication
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Studied Battler
Joseph Wambaugh
Amplified Vortex
Josh Altman
Solved Soul Searchers
Josh Brolin
Discovered Unifier
Josh Duhamel
Mastered Investigator
Josh Groban
Studied Reality Masters
Josh Hartnett
Artistic Tragicomic Controversy
Josh Holloway
Transcendent Ups and Downs
Josh Hutcherson
Amplified Grand Gesture
Josh Peck
Discovered Metamorphosis
Josh Sussman
Translated Laconic Authority
Joshua Biton
Expressed Hellraisers
Josie Bissett
Revelational Just Cause
Joss Ackland
Translated Eternal Youth
Joss Stone
Wondrous Policy Makers
Joss Whedon
Enchanted Interpersonal Enchantment
Joy Behar
Resolved Defiance
Joy Bryant
Aware Projector
Joyce DeWitt
Discovered Adopted Security
Mastered Psychological Leverage
Judd Apatow
Discovered Extraction
Judd Hirsch
Electric Heights
Judd Nelson
Artistic Lone Wolf
Jude Law
Articulate Preeminence
Judge Judy
Trusted Singularity
Judge Lance Ito
Passionate Versatile Signature
Judith Krantz
Translated Ambition
Judith Light
Empowered Vibrancy
Judy Blume
Reformed Unifier
Judy Collins
Intentional Ironic Insight
Judy Garland
Disciplined Laughter and Sadness
Judy Greer
Reformed Ups and Downs
Judy Woodruff
Translated Scrambler
Jules Asner
Discovered Cool Quip
Julia Child
Individualized Royal Command
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Structured Upward Mobility
Julia Ormond
Experienced Formulators
Julia Roberts
Empowered Research
Julia Stiles
Studied Innocence
Julia Sweeney
Confident Prudent Economy
Julian McMahon
Individualized Decision Maker
Julianna Margulies
Innocent Influential Individualism
Julianne Hough
Devoted Ups and Downs
Julianne Moore
Structured Ingenuity
Julianne Phillips
Grounded Natural Appeal
Julie Andrews
Articulate Top Dog
Julie Bowen
Devoted Design
Julie Brown
Trusted Public Appearance
Julie Chen
Devoted Substantiation
Julie Christie
Artistic Tradition
Julie Kavner
Extended Success Seeker
Juliette Binoche
Tender Space Voyager
Juliette Lewis
Consolidated Worldly Rapture
Julio Iglesias
Resolved Breakthrough
Julius Erving
Wondrous Universality
June Carter Cash
Innocent Interpersonal Enchantment
Justin Bieber
Reformed Artistic Sensibilities
Justin Chambers
Extended Unsolicited Opinion
Justin Long
Artistic Problem Solver
Justin Theroux
Released Velvet Voice
Justin Timberlake
Studied Poetic Song
Justine Bateman
Modulated Explorer
Justine Ezarik
Liberated Labyrinth
Responsible Reality Masters


k.d. lang
Confident Transformation
K.K. Downing
Extended Impulse
KaDee Strickland
Influential Selective Exhibitionist
Kahlil Gibran
Introspective Substantiation
Kajol Devgan
Reformed Resolute Composure
Kal Penn
Instructional Adopted Security
Kaley Cuoco
Satisfied Measured Attack
Kamala Harris
Experienced Vogue
Graceful Unfailing Vision
Kanye West
Instructional Influential Individualism
Kara DioGuardi
Revelational Flamboyance
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Liberated Cosmic Comedy
Karen Duffy
Trusted Energetic Transmission
Karen Elson
Grounded Integrator
Karina Smirnoff
Disciplined Self-Requirement
Karl Urban
Electric Entertainer
Kat DeLuna
Passionate Bridge
Kat Dennings
Empowered Far-Off Adventure
Kat Von D
Seductive Nonconformity
Katarina Van Durham
Influential Intensity
Katarina Witt
Liberated Ingenuity
Kate Beckinsale
Consolidated Symbolic Herald
Kate Bosworth
Enchanted Self-Requirement
Kate Capshaw
Electric Long Breath
Kate Flannery
Enchanted Laughter and Sadness
Kate Gosselin
Responsible Innocence
Kate Hudson
Solved Solid Control
Kate Jackson
Satisfied New Ideas
Kate Linder
Innocent Transformation
Kate Mara
Enchanted Reality Masters
Kate Middleton
Seductive Ambition
Kate Moss
Expressed Fulfillment
Kate Pierson
Graceful Self-Sufficiency
Kate Walsh
Empowered Tough Cookie
Kate Winslet
Influential Just Cause
Katee Sackhoff
Trusted Conscience
Katey Sagal
Mastered Dreams and Visions
Katharine Hepburn
Versatile Mischievous Maverick
Katharine McPhee
Liberated Dynamism
Katherine Cimorelli
Consolidated Creative Isolation
Katherine Heigl
Grounded Contentious Conviviality
Katherine Helmond
Released Showman
Katherine Jackson
Empowered Nurturing Support
Katherine Jenkins
Confident Airborne Dreamer
Katherine Kelly Lang
Trusted Quixotic Exploits
Katherine Moennig
Disciplined Preeminence
Kathie Lee Gifford
Electric High Voltage
Kathleen Turner
Articulate Spark
Kathryn Morris
Passionate Outstanding Achievements
Kathy Bates
Satisfied Emotional Stimulation
Kathy Griffin
Graceful Provocateur
Kathy Hilton
Compassionate Fateful Prediction
Kathy Ireland
Versatile Labyrinth
Kathy Kinney
Consolidated Long Breath
Kathy Najimy
Influential Popularity
Katie Cassidy
Individualized Sustained Effort
Katie Couric
Influential Unusual Interests
Katie Holmes
Grounded Mammoth Projects
Katie Lee
Versatile Perceptive Critic
Katie Leung
Wondrous Roleplayer
Katie Price
Artistic Serial Epic
Katie Wright
Seductive Supernatural
Kato Kaelin
Compassionate Space Voyager
Katrina Kaif
Liberated Rising Tide
Katrina Law
Innocent Emotional Organizer
Katy Perry
Modulated Substantive Form
Kay Panabaker
Released Human Observation
Kaya Jones
Modulated Language
Individualized Artistic Sensibilities
Keanu Reeves
Enchanted Businesslike Attitude
Keenen Ivory Wayans
Aware Influential Individualism
Keira Knightly
Innocent Integrity
Keisha Castle-Hughes
Released Beguiling Simplicity
Keith Carradine
Discovered Roleplayer
Keith Olbermann
Compassionate Precocity
Keith Richards
Studied Mammoth Projects
Keith Urban
Empowered Organizational Cohesion
Keke Palmer
Responsible Supportive Partner
Kel Mitchell
Artistic Unabashed Extrovert
Structured Standout
Kellan Lutz
Innocent Heights
Kellie Martin
Influential Essential Judgment
Kellie Pickler
Discovered Emotional Stimulation
Kelly Brook
Trusted Irreverence
Kelly Clarkson
Original Protective Chronicler
Kelly Hu
Discovered Liveliness
Kelly Kelly
Individualized Heroic Inevitability
Kelly LeBrock
Grounded Beguiling Simplicity
Kelly Lynch
Compassionate Poetic Song
Kelly McGillis
Introspective Wonder
Kelly Monaco
Introspective Energetic Transmission
Kelly Osbourne
Modulated Impulse
Kelly Perine
Passionate Curiosity
Kelly Preston
Studied Tough Cookie
Kelly Ripa
Revelational Verbal Acuity
Kelly Rowland
Studied Improved Comfort
Kelly Rutherford
Wondrous Rousing Vigor
Kelly Slater
Freed Improved Comfort
Kelsey Grammer
Expressed Intimacy
Ken Burns
Electric Cultural Assessment
Ken Davitian
Freed Spark
Ken Follett
Discovered Brilliant Path
Ken Griffey Jr.
Devoted Elegance
Ken Jennings
Amplified Energetic Transmission
Ken Jeong
Transcendent Taken Opportunity
Ken Leung
Devoted Frontrunner
Ken Watanabe
Artistic Singularity
Kenan Thompson
Artistic Lone Movers
Kendra Wilkinson
Graceful Buoyant Optimism
Kenneth Branagh
Structured Inner Fervor
Kenneth Starr
Translated Tragicomic Controversy
Kenny Chesney
Discovered Integrity
Kenny G
Responsible Brilliant Path
Kenny Loggins
Innocent Unusual Interests
Kenny Rogers
Influential Standout
Keri Russell
Introspective Curiosity
Kerr Smith
Electric Space Voyager
Kerri Parker
Enchanted Policy Makers
Kerri Strug
Compassionate Reformer
Kerry Washington
Aware Poetic Song
Kevin Bacon
Aware Dark Pragmatist
Kevin Connolly
Amplified Heaven and Hell
Kevin Costner
Consolidated Childlike Fancy
Kevin Dillon
Liberated Startling Surprises
Kevin Eubanks
Intentional Encounter
Kevin Federline
Disciplined Clarity
Kevin Garnett
Introspective Heartfelt Persuasion
Kevin James
Translated Cultivator
Kevin Jonas
Passionate Actuality
Kevin Kline
Innocent Sensational Detail
Kevin McHale
Devoted Gutsy Confrontation
Kevin Nealon
Electric Temperament
Kevin Phillips
Seductive Intensity
Kevin Sorbo
Instructional Wanderer
Kevin Spacey
Disciplined Symbolic Herald
Keyshia Cole
Versatile Worlds Stage
Khaled Hosseini
Translated Creative Isolation
Kherington Payne
Released Striking Deeds
Khloé Kardashian
Liberated Defensive Developer
Kid Cudi
Translated Take Charge
Kid Rock
Considerate Heavyweight
Kiefer Sutherland
Graceful Great Enigma
Kiki Shepard
Devoted Material Inducer
Kim Basinger
Mastered Abandon
Kim Cattrall
Reformed Standout
Kim Coles
Confident Evaluation
Kim Delaney
Confident Instigator
Kim Fields
Passionate Mischievous Maverick
Kim Kardashian
Resolved Singularity
Kim Raver
Passionate Heights
Kim Zolciak
Artistic Heartfelt Persuasion
Kimberley Locke
Disciplined Total Involvement
Kimberly Elise
Satisfied Serious Purpose
Kimberly Peirce
Empowered Puzzling Purist
Kimberly Stewart
Structured Standout
Kimberly Williams-Paisley
Released Perceptive Critic
Kimberly Wyatt
Seductive Curveballer
Kimora Lee Simmons
Reformed Nurturing Support
Kirk Cameron
Revelational Grand Gesture
Kirk Douglas
Mastered Flamboyance
Kirk Hammett
Versatile Temperament
Kirsten Dunst
Original Dutiful Overload
Kirstie Alley
Transcendent Wild Call
Kobe Bryant
Artistic Lively Precision
Kofi Annan
Reformed Conscience
Kourtney Kardashian
Solved Vigorous Defense
Kris Allen
Graceful Worldly Rapture
Kris Humphries
Innocent Popularity
Kris Jenner
Amplified Actuality
Kris Kristofferson
Expressed Romantic Exaltation
Krista Allen
Electric Consequence
Kristen Bell
Confident Conviction
Kristen Johnston
Empowered Manager
Kristen Renton
Tender Perceptive Critic
Kristen Stewart
Released Excess
Kristen Wiig
Consolidated Seasoned Experience
Kristi Yamaguchi
Released Persuasive Presence
Kristian Alfonso
Enchanted Fanciful Sovereign
Kristin Bauer van Straten
Expressed Distinctive Manner
Kristin Cavallari
Individualized Recovery
Kristin Chenoweth
Individualized Exciting Instability
Kristin Davis
Experienced Sacrifice
Kristin Scott Thomas
Grounded Magnifier
Kristina Anapau
Structured Overseer
Kristoff St. John
Innocent Material Inducer
Kristy Lee Cook
Translated Childlike Fancy
Kristy Swanson
Devoted Hellraisers
Kurt Loder
Original Practical Awakening
Kurt Russell
Devoted Aerialist
Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
Artistic Underground
Kyle Chandler
Graceful Perseverance
Kyle Howard
Disciplined Iconoclast
Kyle MacLachlan
Compassionate Universality
Kyle Richards
Wondrous Evaluation
Kylie Minogue
Individualized Innovative Trailblazer
Kym Johnson
Intentional Guiding Light
Kyra Sedgwick
Liberated Startling Surprises


La Toya Jackson
Responsible Quicksilver
Lacey Chabert
Tender Glaring Truth
Lacey Schwimmer
Devoted Emotional Stimulation
Lady Gaga
Empowered Innocence
Laetitia Casta
Artistic Frequent Flyer
Laila Ali
Disciplined Laconic Authority
Laird Hamilton
Tender Undying Loyalty
Lake Bell
Solved Beguiling Simplicity
Lalaine Vergara-Paras
Wondrous Fluent Expression
Lamar Odom
Structured Rousing Vigor
Lana Del Rey
Empowered Worldly Rapture
Lance Armstrong
Released Internal Mystery
Lance Bass
Solved Nurturing Support
Lance Reddick
Versatile Aesthetic Promotion
Landon Donovan
Seductive Creative Isolation
Lara Flynn Boyle
Extended Beguiling Simplicity
Larry Bird
Reformed Idiosyncrasy
Larry David
Modulated Disconnected Unconscious
Larry Elder
Revelational Self-Sufficiency
Larry Flynt
Trusted Onslaught
Larry Hagman
Wondrous Current Taste
Larry King
Considerate Reformer
Larry Merchant
Individualized Improved Comfort
Larry Page
Articulate Integrity
Larry Wachowski
Translated Worldly Rapture
Lars Ulrich
Original Indomitable One
Lasse Hallström
Experienced Problem Solver
LaTavia Roberson
Seductive Onslaught
Laura Bush
Translated Provocateur
Laura Dern
Satisfied Acclaim
Laura Linney
Tender Quiet Eloquence
Laura Louie
Translated Dignity
Laura Prepon
Trusted Abstract Structure
Laura San Giacomo
Versatile Investigator
Laura Schlessinger
Liberated Fulfillment
Lauren Cimorelli
Trusted Convention
Lauren Conrad
Satisfied Willfulness
Lauren Graham
Satisfied Realistic Inspiration
Lauren Holly
Original Research
Lauren Hutton
Studied Bridge
Lauren Weisberger
Instructional Innocence
Laurence Fishburne
Trusted Tangible Presence
Laurie Holden
Articulate Earthy Chemistry
Laurie Metcalf
Expressed Capital Investment
Lauryn Hill
Reformed Stalwart Protector
Lawrence Kasdan
Empowered Integrator
Lea Michele
Discovered Structured Action
Lea Thompson
Trusted Cutting Edge
Leah Remini
Extended Pleasant Seduction
LeAnn Rimes
Tender Language
LeBron James
Innocent Laconic Authority
Lech Walesa
Resolved Charged Reactor
Lee Ann Womack
Innocent Startling Surprises
Lee Iacocca
Confident Worlds Stage
Lee Majors
Instructional Adopted Security
Lee Ritenour
Revelational Evaluation
Leelee Sobieski
Original Laughter and Sadness
Leif Gantvoort
Liberated Conscience
Leighton Meester
Empowered Excess
Leilani Sarelle
Graceful Heartbreaker
Lela Rochon
Modulated Serious Purpose
Len Wiseman
Articulate Creative Isolation
Lena Dunham
Empowered Natural Appeal
Lena Olin
Expressed Direct Current
Leni Riefenstahl
Aware Seasoned Experience
Lenny Kravitz
Enchanted Stalwart Protector
Leona Lewis
Innocent Fulcrum
Leonard Nimoy
Individualized Integrity
Leonardo DiCaprio
Responsible Underground
Lesley Gore
Experienced Human Observation
Lesley Stahl
Solved Soaring Imagination
Leslie Mann
Electric Integrity
LeVar Burton
Influential Animation
Lewis Black
Satisfied Rock
Liam Hemsworth
Released Upward Mobility
Liam Neeson
Considerate Entertainer
Responsible Outrageous Flair
Liberty Ross
Artistic Breakthrough
Liev Schreiber
Empowered Incorrigible
Lil Wayne
Tender Ambiguous Hero
Lily Allen
Graceful Human Observation
Lily Cole
Transcendent Heartfelt Persuasion
Lily Tomlin
Aware No Nonsense
Lil’ Kim
Reformed Unsolicited Opinion
Lin-Manuel Miranda
Trusted Fulfillment
Linda Blair
Compassionate Vortex
Linda Bloodworth-Thomason
Liberated Human Definition
Linda Cardellini
Reformed Sensitive Receptor
Linda Ellerbee
Seductive Royal Command
Linda Evangelista
Translated Lone Movers
Linda Evans
Trusted Temperament
Linda Fiorentino
Grounded Space Voyager
Linda Hamilton
Reformed Patient Practice
Linda Hogan
Disciplined Astute Examination
Linda Hunt
Original Idealist
Linda Perry
Translated Human Definition
Linda Ronstadt
Experienced Material Inducer
Linda Tripp
Individualized Contentious Conviviality
Lindsay Davenport
Intentional Influential Individualism
Lindsay Lohan
Discovered Disconnected Unconscious
Lindsay Price
Aware Extraction
Lindsay Wagner
Discovered Romantic Exaltation
Lindsey Vonn
Modulated Personal Leadership
Lionel Richie
Discovered Ecstatic Appeal
Lisa Ann Walter
Seductive Dangerous Quest
Lisa Bonet
Discovered Boss
Lisa Cimorelli
Responsible Fine Appearance
Lisa Edelstein
Innocent Unfailing Vision
Lisa Gastineau
Artistic Intensity
Lisa Hartman Black
Responsible Popular Eye
Lisa Joyner
Graceful Aesthetic Promotion
Lisa Kudrow
Seductive Tangible Presence
Lisa Ling
Consolidated Rock
Lisa Lisa
Graceful Heroic Inevitability
Lisa Loeb
Discovered Progressive Intuition
Lisa Marie Presley
Discovered Willfulness
Lisa Rinna
Seductive Unsolicited Opinion
Lisa Stansfield
Modulated Policy Makers
Little Richard
Devoted Confidence
Liv Tyler
Instructional Emancipation
Liz McClarnon
Studied Daring
Liz Phair
Satisfied Serious Purpose
Liza Minnelli
Experienced Great Leap
Lizzy Caplan
Original Motivation
LL Cool J
Discovered Integrator
Satisfied Total Involvement
Loni Anderson
Translated Resolute Composure
Lorenzo Lamas
Intentional Freewheeler
Loretta Devine
Discovered Standout
Loretta Lynn
Electric Tradition
Loretta Swit
Responsible Provocateur
Lori Loughlin
Enchanted Winner
Lorne Michaels
Seductive Bridge
Lorraine Bracco
Amplified Verbal Acuity
Lorraine Nicholson
Released Cosmic Comedy
Lou Dobbs
Tender Wanderer
Lou Ferrigno
Extended Earthly Temptation
Lou Reed
Solved Undying Loyalty
Louie Anderson
Freed Beguiling Simplicity
Louis Armstrong
Introspective Guiding Light
Louis C.K.
Empowered Fearless Crusader
Louis Farrakhan
Extended Frequent Flyer
Louis Gossett Jr.
Consolidated Driven Dedication
Louis Leakey
Disciplined Double Agent
Louis Tomlinson
Consolidated Complex Emotions
Louis van Amstel
Electric Interpersonal Enchantment
Louise Brown
Artistic Quixotic Exploits
Louise Lasser
Intentional Policy Makers
Lourdes Leon
Disciplined Moderation
Luc Robitaille
Modulated Battler
Lucas Grabeel
Modulated Irreverence
Lucas Till
Freed Velvet Voice
Luciana Barroso
Introspective Human Definition
Luciano Pavarotti
Articulate Grand Gesture
Lucille Ball
Satisfied Unique Happenings
Lucy Lawless
Discovered Observer
Lucy Liu
Wondrous Larger-than-Life
Compassionate Dramatic Choice
Ludwig van Beethoven
Influencial Soaring Imagination
Luis Guzmán
Reformed Language
Luisana Lopilato
Wondrous Established Activism
Luke Perry
Graceful Gracious Ease
Luke Wilson
Released Current Taste
Lupe Fiasco
Seductive Animation
Lyle Lovett
Intentional Onslaught
Lynda Carter
Devoted Exciting Instability
Lyndon B. Johnson
Enchanted Social Ideals
Lynn Redgrave
Confident Nonconformity


M. Night Shyamalan
Revelational Unique Happenings
Macaulay Culkin
Confident Supportive Partner
MacKenzie Phillips
Artistic Metamorphosis
MacKenzie Rosman
Released Simple Sophistication
Mackinlee Waddell
Instructional Popularity
Macy Gray
Empowered Unpredictable Fate
Madeleine Albright
Inspirational Dreamweavers
Instructional High Voltage
Maeve Binchy
Compassionate Innovative Trailblazer
Maggie Grace
Experienced Current Taste
Maggie Gyllenhaal
Compassionate Boss
Maggie Lawson
Confident Convention
Maggie Smith
Electric Simple Sophistication
Magic Johnson
Disciplined Mortal Mirror
Mahatma Gandhi
Studied Verbal Acuity
Malcolm Gets
Experienced Simple Sophistication
Malcolm Gladwell
Original Mold Breaker
Malcolm X
Studied Heartfelt Persuasion
Malcolm-Jamal Warner
Revelational Endurance
Malia Obama
Trusted Group Representative
Mandy Moore
Liberated Daring
Mandy Patinkin
Released Measured Attack
Manolo Blahnik
Trusted Lone Wolf
Manu Ginóbili
Compassionate Winner
Marc Andreessen
Released Wonder
Marc Antony
Wondrous Spirited Energies
Marc Mezvinsky
Disciplined Expansion
Marcia Gay Harden
Disciplined Mortal Mirror
Marco Regil
Devoted Clever Contributor
Marg Helgenberger
Instructional Boss
Margaret Cho
Wondrous Confidence
Margaret Thatcher
Versatile Tough Cookie
Margo Timmins
Structured Precocity
Margot Kidder
Satisfied Precarious Balance
Maria Bartiromo
Empowered Dramatic Choice
Maria Bello
Satisfied Vigorous Defense
Maria Conchita Alonso
Introspective Airborne Dreamer
Maria Menounos
Artistic Influential Individualism
Maria Sharapova
Wondrous Solid Control
Maria Shriver
Amplified Rousing Vigor
Mariah Carey
Passionate Originator
Marianne Williamson
Considerate Dark Pragmatist
Marie Osmond
Artistic Tough Cookie
Mariel Hemingway
Confident Liberator
Marilu Henner
Revelational Experimenter
Marilyn Manson
Wondrous Recovery
Marilyn Monroe
Original Popular Eye
Discovered Social Ideals
Mario Andretti
Instructional Zest
Mario Batali
Solved Fine Appearance
Mario Cuomo
Transcendent Pleasant Seduction
Mario Lopez
Expressed Prudent Economy
Mario Van Peebles
Influential Heroic Inevitability
Marion Barry
Consolidated Beauty Lovers
Marion Jones
Influential Grand Gesture
Marion Ross
Modulated Substantive Form
Marisa Tomei
Experienced Fortitude
Mariska Hargitay
Tender Character
Marissa Mayer
Reformed Nimble Time
Mark Ballas
Empowered Magnifier
Mark Consuelos
Extended Uncompromising Vision
Mark Cuban
Instructional Human Portrait
Mark Dacascos
Tender Arousal
Mark Hamill
Extended Symbiotic Satirist
Mark Harmon
Extended Businesslike Attitude
Mark McGrath
Discovered Heights
Mark McGwire
Original Top Dog
Mark Philippoussis
Aware Discovery
Mark Ruffalo
Discovered Liberator
Mark Salling
Tender Explosive Power
Mark Spitz
Wondrous Acclaim
Mark Valley
Experienced Complex Emotions
Mark Wahlberg
Released Brilliant Path
Mark Wilkerson
Intentional Unpredictable Fate
Mark Zuckerberg
Liberated Modern Irrepressibles
Marla Maples
Original Impulse
Marlee Matlin
Liberated Astute Examination
Marlo Thomas
Introspective Elegance
Marlon Wayans
Mastered Uncertainty Resolver
Marne Patterson
Confident Cultivator
Marques Houston
Versatile Guiding Light
Marshall Faulk
Articulate Arousal
Martha Plimpton
Revelational Boss
Martha Quinn
Disciplined Frequent Flyer
Martha Stewart
Grounded Dangerous Quest
Martie Maguire
Transcendent Grand Gesture
Martin Freeman
Released Puzzling Purist
Martin Klebba
Transcendent Interpersonal Enchantment
Martin Lawrence
Translated Cosmic Comedy
Martin Luther King III
Intentional Conflicting Karma
Martin Luther King Jr.
Modulated Heroic Inevitability
Martin Scorsese
Trusted Bridge
Martin Sheen
Compassionate Dangerous Quest
Martin Short
Wondrous Integrity
Martina Hingis
Resolved Glaring Truth
Martina McBride
Innocent Cultural Assessment
Martina Navratilova
Reformed Personal Leadership
Marv Albert
Artistic Buoyant Optimism
Marvin Hamlisch
Versatile Problem Solver
Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
Instructional Bridge
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Modulated Lone Wolf
Mary Hart
Extended Borderline
Mary Higgins Clark
Satisfied Complex Emotions
Mary J. Blige
Considerate Evaluation
Mary Kay Place
Innocent Breakthrough
Mary Lou Retton
Discovered Aloof Icon
Mary McDonnell
Revelational Steadfastness
Mary Murphy
Intentional Striking Deeds
Mary Steenburgen
Released Precognition
Mary Stuart Masterson
Innocent Defensive Developer
Mary Tyler Moore
Amplified Preeminence
Mary-Kate Olsen
Empowered Far-Off Adventure
Mary-Louise Parker
Enchanted Versatile Signature
Masi Oka
Responsible Clever Contributor
Mason Gamble
Satisfied Fulfillment
Matt Bonner
Trusted Consequence
Matt Damon
Revelational High Romance
Matt Dillon
Tender Complete Picture
Matt Drudge
Graceful Impulse
Matt Groening
Mastered Inventiveness
Matt Lauer
Intentional Laconic Authority
Matt LeBlanc
Empowered Quixotic Exploits
Matt Lucas
Amplified Heaven and Hell
Matt Stone
Released Stalwart Protector
Matthew Bellamy
Artistic Mental Insistence
Matthew Broderick
Resolute Clarity
Matthew Fox
Innocent Convincing Storyteller
Matthew Marsden
Electric Design
Matthew McConaughey
Devoted Provocateur
Matthew Morrison
Grounded Overseer
Matthew Moy
Translated Exacting Realism
Matthew Perry
Transcendent Startling Surprises
Matthew Sweet
Enchanted Good Life
Maulana Karenga
Grounded Convincing Storyteller
Maura Tierney
Experienced Exacting Realism
Maureen McCormick
Responsible Resolute Composure
Maury Povich
Introspective Heavyweight
Max Azria
Empowered Emotional Organizer
Max Casella
Satisfied Visionary
Max Greenfield
Resolved Builder
Max Thieriot
Devoted Moderation
Max Weinberg
Devoted Iconoclast
Consolidated Energetic Transmission
May Andersen
Original Capital Investment
Maya Angelou
Translated Initiative
Maya Rudolph
Mastered Decision Maker
Mayim Bialik
Influential Body Language
MC Hammer
Resolute Uncompromising Vision
MC Lars
Tender Good Life
Enchanted Resolute Composure
Meadowlark Lemon
Transcendent Physical Substance
Mean Joe Green
Translated Wanderer
Meat Loaf
Innocent Ambiguous Hero
Meg Ryan
Confident Reformer
Meg Tilly
Grounded Cool Quip
Megan Fox
Empowered Outrageous Flair
Megan Hilty
Studied Observer
Megan Mullally
Instructional Sensual Charisma
Mehmet Oz
Grounded Limit Pusher
Mel B
Reformed Quicksilver
Mel Brooks
Original Emotional Stimulation
Mel C
Expressed Wild Call
Mel Gibson
Inspirational Total Involvement
Melania Trump
Extended Cultivator
Melanie Amaro
Expressed Stamina
Melanie Griffith
Introspective Psychological Leverage
Melinda Gates
Enchanted Royal Command
Melissa Etheridge
Trusted Quicksilver
Melissa George
Intentional Unique Happenings
Melissa Gilbert
Tender Outspoken Spokesperson
Melissa Joan Hart
Introspective Vigorous Defense
Melissa Manchester
Transcendent Inventiveness
Melissa McCarthy
Revelational Supportive Partner
Melissa Rivers
Passionate Freewheeler
Melissa Sue Anderson
Studied Patient Practice
Memphis Bleek
Artistic Interpersonal Enchantment
Mena Suvari
Solved Liveliness
Mercedes Ruehl
Graceful Zest
Meredith Baxter
Modulated Worldly Rapture
Meredith Vieira
Mastered Laconic Authority
Meryl Streep
Discovered Romantic Exaltation
Metta World Peace
Structured Commentator
Mia Farrow
Original Vibrancy
Mia Hamm
Electric Aerialist
Mia Kirshner
Introspective Destiny
Mia Tyler
Grounded Continuity
Mia Wasikowska
Considerate Moderation
Michael Arrington
Devoted Fateful Prediction
Michael Badalucco
Consolidated Generator
Michael Bay
Experienced Battler
Michael Benyaer
Extended Bold One
Michael Bloomberg
Solved Cool Quip
Michael Boatman
Experienced Substantive Form
Michael Bolton
Freed Arousal
Michael Bublé
Influential Difficult Demand
Michael Buffer
Seductive Transformation
Michael C. Hall
Considerate Willfulness
Michael Caine
Extended Relativity
Michael Cera
Devoted Entertainer
Michael Chiklis
Enchanted Rock
Michael Clarke Duncan
Intentional Inner Fervor
Michael Connelly
Responsible Tragicomic Controversy
Michael Copon
Tender Commentator
Michael Crawford
Solved Dreams and Visions
Michael Dell
Experienced Viable Candidate
Michael Douglas
Seductive Symbiotic Satirist
Michael Dukakis
Considerate Long Breath
Michael Eisner
Solved Abstract Structure
Michael Flatley
Aware Rising Tide
Michael Gross
Modulated Worldly Rapture
Michael Hurst
Introspective Manager
Michael Irvin
Modulated Heaven and Hell
Michael J. Fox
Trusted Mental Insistence
Michael J. Straczynski
Released Career Concerns
Michael Jackson
Instructional Structured Action
Michael Johns
Grounded Vogue
Michael Johnson
Empowered Passionate Care
Michael Jordan
Versatile Battler
Michael Keaton
Extended Fanciful Sovereign
Michael Michele
Innocent Rock
Michael Milken
Experienced Group Representative
Michael Moore
Articulate Adopted Security
Michael Ovitz
Liberated Selective Exhibitionist
Michael Pena
Introspective Upward Mobility
Michael Phelps
Graceful Motivation
Michael Rapaport
Extended Labyrinth
Michael Reagan
Experienced Return
Michael Richards
Discovered Exciting Instability
Michael Shanks
Revelational Expansion
Michael Stipe
Artistic Formulators
Michael Strahan
Freed Elegance
Michael T. Weiss
Resolved Class
Michael Tucker
Original Popularity
Michael Vartan
Wondrous Electrifying Excitement
Michaela Conlin
Artistic Mental Insistence
Michaele Salahi
Liberated Top Dog
Michelangelo Signorile
Structured Hellraisers
Michelle Branch
Experienced Disconnected Unconscious
Michelle Clunie
Devoted Discovery
Michelle Heaton
Structured Controlled Movement
Michelle Kwan
Confident Imaginative Revelations
Michelle McCool
Trusted Destiny
Michelle Monaghan
Introspective Curiosity
Michelle Obama
Tender Heavyweight
Michelle Pfeiffer
Aware Heavy Image
Michelle Phillips
Versatile Critical Expertise
Michelle Rodriguez
Artistic Persuasive Presence
Michelle Stafford
Liberated Perceptive Critic
Michelle Trachtenberg
Satisfied Gracious Ease
Michelle Williams
Resolved Difficult Demand
Michelle Yeoh
Studied Unique Happenings
Mick Fleetwood
Structured Blissful Wizard
Mick Jagger
Resolved Symbolic Herald
Mickey Rooney
Intentional Breakthrough
Mickey Rourke
Reformed Spirited Energies
Micky Dolenz
Original Nonconformity
Mike Comrie
Resolved Dramatic Choice
Mike Dirnt
Electric Nurturing Support
Mike Ditka
Aware Personal Leadership
Mike Farrell
Introspective Popularity
Mike Fisher
Confident Brilliant Path
Mike Judge
Studied Precarious Balance
Mike McCready
Modulated Consequence
Mike Myers
Seductive Bold One
Mike Piazza
Wondrous Builder
Mike Rowe
Resolute Return
Mike Tyson
Innocent Motivation
Mike Wallace
Amplified Moral Courage
Mikhail Baryshnikov
Innocent Precocity
Mila Kunis
Experienced Mortal Mirror
Miley Cyrus
Amplified Irreverence
Milla Jovovich
Influencial Earthy Chemistry
Millie Corretjer
Amplified Vigorous Defense
Milo Ventimiglia
Instructional Dark Pragmatist
Milos Forman
Passionate Complete Picture
Milton Berle
Tender Persuasive Presence
Mimi Rogers
Inspirational Precocity
Mindy Kaling
Solved Blissful Wizard
Minka Kelly
Confident Blissful Wizard
Minnie Driver
Considerate Poetic Song
Mira Sorvino
Empowered Heartbreaker
Miranda Cosgrove
Inspirational Modern Irrepressibles
Miranda Kerr
Enchanted Worldly Challenge
Miranda Lambert
Translated Metamorphosis
Miranda Otto
Discovered Soaring Imagination
Miranda Richardson
Intentional Design
Mischa Barton
Satisfied Aloof Icon
Misha Crosby
Individualized Outstanding Achievements
Missy Elliott
Released Emancipation
Missy Peregrym
Original Capital Investment
Mister Rogers
Translated Labyrinth
Mitch Albom
Aware Energetic Transmission
Mitch Pileggi
Revelational Consequence
Mitchel Musso
Mastered Wonder
Mitt Romney
Liberated Great Leap
Liberated Dramatic Choice
Moira Kelly
Discovered Beauty Lovers
Molly Henneberg
Consolidated Long Odds
Molly Ringwald
Discovered Complete Picture
Molly Shannon
Enchanted Spirited Energies
Molly Sims
Consolidated Bold One
Resolved Sensational Detail
Monica Bellucci
Wondrous Glaring Truth
Monica Lewinsky
Consolidated Uncertainty Resolver
Monica Seles
Expressed Larger-than-Life
Monique Coleman
Resolved Commentator
Montel Williams
Responsible Commemorator
Moon Bloodgood
Influential Manager
Moon Zappa
Empowered Heartbreaker
Morgan Fairchild
Wondrous Exacting Realism
Morgan Freeman
Inspirational Popular Eye
Morgan Spurlock
Revelational Discovery
Disciplined Serial Epic
Mos Def
Expressed Intensity
Mother Teresa
Innocent Supportive Partner
Responsible Intensity
Mr. T
Considerate Unfailing Vision
Muhammad Ali
Solved Heavyweight
Extended Visionary
Released Wanderer


Nadia Comanci
Confident Sensual Charisma
Nadya Suleman
Reformed Unsolicited Opinion
Naima Adedapo
Modulated Just Cause
Nancy Carell
Innocent Controlled Movement
Nancy Cartwright
Intentional Substantive Form
Nancy Grace
Artistic Conflicting Karma
Nancy O’Dell
Modulated Higher Cause
Nancy Reagan
Instructional Magnetic Desire
Nancy Sinatra
Compassionate Influential Individualism
Nancy Wilson
Mastered Realistic Inspiration
Naomi Campbell
Extended Serial Epic
Naomi Judd
Enchanted Evaluation
Naomi Watts
Wondrous Heartbreaker
Naomi Wolf
Versatile Sensual Charisma
Narciso Rodriguez
Structured Precocity
Nastassja Kinski
Compassionate Aloof Icon
Natalie Cole
Wondrous Popularity
Natalie Imbruglia
Responsible Curveballer
Natalie Maines
Inspirational Moderation
Natalie Portman
Studied Mental Insistence
Natalie Wood
Influential Ups and Downs
Natascha McElhone
Freed Selective Exhibitionist
Natasha Bedingfield
Seductive Distinctive Manner
Natasha Henstridge
Inspirational Royal Command
Nathan Fillion
Considerate Originator
Nathan Gamble
Solved Wild Call
Nathan Lane
Inspirational Exacting Realism
Nathan Morris
Released Financial Security
Naturi Naughton
Liberated Prolific Expression
Naveen Andrews
Passionate Heavyweight
Naya Rivera
Individualized Wild Call
Ned Beatty
Inspirational Magnetic Desire
Neil Armstrong
Empowered Resolute Composure
Neil Diamond
Disciplined Aloof Icon
Neil Patrick Harris
Consolidated Pleasant Seduction
Neil Sedaka
Intentional Fateful Prediction
Neil Simon
Enchanted Group Representative
Neil Young
Enchanted Sensual Charisma
Nellie McKay
Original Iconoclast
Inspirational Transformation
Nelly Furtado
Grounded Larger-than-Life
Nelson Mandela
Amplified Conviction
Neve Campbell
Expressed Trendsetter
Newt Gingrich
Resolved Artful Force
Nia Long
Revelational Overseer
Nia Peeples
Confident Inner Fervor
Nia Vardalos
Studied Wanderer
Niall Horan
Responsible Passionate Care
Nicholas Cage
Tender Unusual Interests
Nicholas Guest
Devoted Practical Awakening
Nicholas Sparks
Modulated Aesthetic Promotion
Nicholas Tse
Confident Structured Action
Nichole Cordova
Devoted Explosive Power
Nichole Hiltz
Artistic Mold Breaker
Nick Cannon
Resolute High Romance
Nick Carter
Trusted Outstanding Achievements
Nick Cassavetes
Disciplined Unfailing Vision
Nick Hogan
Freed Decision Maker
Nick Hornby
Influential Serious Purpose
Nick Jonas
Amplified Spirited Energies
Nick Krause
Consolidated Tradition
Nick Lachey
Expressed Earthly Temptation
Nick Loeb
Reformed Versatile Signature
Nick Nolte
Instructional Precognition
Nick Park
Instructional Extraction
Nick Wechsler
Artistic Mold Breaker
Nick Zano
Solved Nonconformity
Nicki Minaj
Tender Abandon
Nicky Hilton
Experienced Just Cause
Nicolas Sarkozy
Consolidated Outstanding Achievements
Nicole Anderson
Freed Structured Action
Nicole Bobek
Compassionate Lively Precision
Nicole Fox
Mastered Beauty Lovers
Nicole Kidman
Satisfied Ecstatic Appeal
Nicole Richie
Versatile Current Taste
Nicole Scherzinger
Artistic Airborne Dreamer
Nicolette Sheridan
Original Elegance
Niecy Nash
Devoted Viable Candidate
Nigel Lythgoe
Discovered Wonder
Nigella Lawson
Artistic Substantiation
Niki Taylor
Responsible Heaven and Hell
Nikki Blonsky
Extended Earthly Temptation
Nikki DeLoach
Structured Difficult Demand
Nikki Reed
Transcendent Bottom Line
Nikki Sixx
Instructional Intensity
Nikki SooHoo
Devoted Cryptic Secret
Nina Dobrev
Extended Ambition
Nina Totenberg
Studied Integrator
Nnenna Freelon
Articulate Winner
Noah Wyle
Released Critical Expertise
Noam Chomsky
Modulated Idiosyncrasy
Nora Dunn
Revelational Heavy Image
Nora Ephron
Artistic Heartfelt Persuasion
Norah Jones
Solved Uncompromising Vision
Norm Macdonald
Original Precarious Balance
Norman Lear
Artistic Decision Maker
Nyambi Nyambi
Solved Cultivator


O. J. Simpson
Modulated Wonder
Octavia Spencer
Electric Bold One
Odette Annable
Graceful Lone Movers
Oksana Baiul
Compassionate Boss
Oksana Grigorieva
Devoted Emotional Organizer
Olga Kurylenko
Structured Investigator
Oliver Platt
Artistic Wild Call
Oliver Stone
Translated Mastery
Olivia Munn
Original Commemorator
Olivia Newton-John
Satisfied Patient Practice
Olivia Thirlby
Discovered Good Life
Olivia Wilde
Liberated Soul Searchers
Olivier Martinez
Modulated Wild Call
Olivier Sarkozy
Passionate Stalwart Protector
Omar Epps
Consolidated Ups and Downs
Omar Sharif
Transcendent Daring
Oprah Winfrey
Mastered Compassionate Combatant
Orlando Bloom
Aware Upward Mobility
Oscar De La Hoya
Articulate Curveballer
Oscar Pistorius
Individualized Liberator
Oscar Wilde
Innocent Essential Judgment
Owen Wilson
Wondrous Temperament
Ozzie Smith
Consolidated Indomitable One
Ozzy Osbourne
Empowered Ingenuity


P J Harvey
Transcendent Penetrating Gaze
Pablo Picasso
Responsible Substantive Form
Padma Lakshmi
Revelational No Nonsense
Paloma Picasso
Discovered Solid Control
Pam Ayres
Liberated Relativity
Pam Dawber
Extended Personal Leadership
Pam Grier
Discovered Stalwart Protector
Pamela Anderson
Empowered Emancipation
Paris Hilton
Studied Battler
Paris Jackson
Structured Fulcrum
Parker Posey
Wondrous Borderline
Parker Stevenson
Considerate Critical Expertise
Parminder Nagra
Influential Just Cause
Pat Benatar
Released Hard Look
Pat Boone
Released Popular Eye
Pat Buchanan
Introspective Transformation
Pat Conroy
Enchanted Organizational Cohesion
Pat Monahan
Passionate Zest
Pat Riley
Original Labyrinth
Pat Sajak
Innocent Organizational Cohesion
Patricia Arquette
Individualized Conscience
Patricia Clarkson
Artistic Preeminence
Patricia Heaton
Intentional Creative Isolation
Patricia Richardson
Transcendent Viable Candidate
Patrick Dempsey
Modulated Upward Mobility
Patrick Duffy
Empowered Aerialist
Patrick Ewing
Studied Resolute Composure
Patrick J. Kennedy
Empowered Convincing Storyteller
Patrick McDonnell
Inspirational Aerialist
Patrick Stewart
Compassionate Taken Opportunity
Patrick Stump
Liberated Self-Sufficiency
Patrick Warburton
Experienced Investigator
Patrick Wilson
Consolidated Commemorator
Patti Davis
Released Singularity
Patti LaBelle
Versatile Magnifier
Patti Lupone
Discovered Professional Commitment
Patti Scialfa
Electric Cultural Assessment
Patty Duke
Liberated Selective Exhibitionist
Patty Loveless
Reformed Formulators
Paul Allen
Released Frontrunner
Paul Anka
Grounded Tangible Presence
Paul Bettany
Released Driven Dedication
Paul Bunnell
Seductive Roleplayer
Paul Gauguin
Artistic Entertainer
Paul Giamatti
Satisfied Visionary
Paul Hogan
Aware High Romance
Paul McCartney
Structured Financial Security
Paul Michael Glaser
Confident Dynamism
Paul Poundstone
Artistic Preeminence
Paul Reiser
Influential Uncompromising Vision
Paul Reubens
Considerate Social Ideals
Paul Revere
Aware Emotional Organizer
Paul Rudd
Passionate Experimenter
Paul Ryan
Devoted Compassionate Combatant
Paul Shaffer
Individualized Lone Wolf
Paul Simon
Grounded Tough Cookie
Paul Stanley
Revelational Freewheeler
Paul Walker
Expressed Fearless Crusader
Paula Abdul
Studied Spark
Paula Cole
Individualized Consequence
Paula Creamer
Discovered Resolute Composure
Paula Deen
Liberated Dreams and Visions
Paula Devicq
Translated Imaginative Revelations
Paula Patton
Influential Confidence
Paula Zahn
Inspirational Sacrifice
Pauley Perrette
Passionate Originator
Paulina Porizkova
Translated Excess
Paulina Rubio
Released Artful Force
Pauly D
Confident Showman
Pauly Shore
Discovered Willfulness
Paz Vega
Influential Self-Requirement
Peabo Bryson
Devoted Iconoclast
Pedro Almodovar
Individualized Wanderer
Pedro Guerrero
Responsible Airborne Dreamer
Pedro Martinez
Freed Substantive Form
Peggy Fleming
Satisfied Decision Maker
Penelope Ann Miller
Tender Upward Mobility
Penelope Cruz
Amplified Steadfastness
Penn Badgley
Discovered Onslaught
Penn Jillette
Expressed Heaven and Hell
Penny Lancaster-Stewart
Considerate Heights
Penny Marshall
Trusted Worlds Stage
Perez Hilton
Disciplined Curiosity
Peri Gilpin
Trusted Driven Dedication
Pete Rose
Artistic Tradition
Pete Sampras
Released Convention
Pete Townshend
Original Heartfelt Persuasion
Pete Wentz
Solved Brilliant Path
Peter Bergman
Freed Limit Pusher
Peter Buck
Reformed Extraction
Peter Facinelli
Expressed Distinctive Manner
Peter Fonda
Introspective Viable Candidate
Peter Frampton
Wondrous Established Presence
Peter Gabriel
Wondrous Liveliness
Peter Gallagher
Amplified Startling Surprises
Peter Guber
Solved Artistic Sensibilities
Peter Jackson
Confident Attentiveness
Peter Kay
Consolidated Disconnected Unconscious
Peter Krause
Liberated Convention
Peter Murphy
Introspective Unsolicited Opinion
Peter Reckell
Expressed Devotion
Peter Sarsgaard
Considerate Abstract Structure
Peter Tork
Solved Liveliness
Peter Weller
Modulated Blissful Wizard
Petra Nemcova
Solved Blissful Wizard
Peyton List
Structured Experimenter
Peyton Manning
Introspective Beguiling Simplicity
Pharrell Williams
Articulate Consequence
Phil Collins
Transcendent Take Charge
Phil Donahue
Articulate Great Enigma
Phil Ivey
Introspective Willfulness
Phil Jackson
Tender Perseverance
Phil Mickelson
Extended Capital Investment
Phil Spector
Disciplined Indomitable One
Philip Glass
Amplified Poetic Song
Philip Roth
Extended Dogged Persistence
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Empowered Uncertainty Resolver
Philippe Petit
Discovered Long Odds
Philippe Starck
Empowered Childlike Fancy
Phillip Phillips
Freed Manager
Phoebe Cates
Seductive Rising Tide
Phoebe Snow
Considerate Career Concerns
Aware Precognition
Phylicia Rashad
Graceful Spark
Phyllis Diller
Consolidated Career Concerns
Phyllis George
Discovered Sensitive Receptor
Pia Zadora
Responsible Nurturing Support
Picabo Street
Considerate Fulcrum
Pierce Brosnan
Freed Outrageous Flair
Pierre Cardin
Artistic Imaginative Revelations
Piers Morgan
Translated Uncompromising Vision
Structured Puzzling Purist
Piper Perabo
Aware Attentiveness
Pippa Middleton
Experienced Unpredictable Fate
Resolved Heroic Inevitability
Placido Domingo
Disciplined Frontrunner
Pope Benedict XVI
Enchanted Cosmic Comedy
Pope Francis
Amplified Earthy Chemistry
Poppy Montgomery
Electric Spark
Portia de Rossi
Articulate Poetic Song
Powers Boothe
Discovered Popular Eye
Mastered Projector
Aware Entertainer
Prince Andrew
Grounded Explorer
Prince Charles
Empowered Investigator
Prince Harry
Modulated Mastery
Prince Philip
Instructional Laughter and Sadness
Prince William
Original Worldly Rapture
Princess Diana
Trusted Emancipation
Princess Eugenie of York
Released Curiosity
Princess Stephanie of Monaco
Experienced Willfulness
Prinz Frederic von Anhalt
Resolved Financial Security
Priscilla Presley
Tender Magnifier
Pruitt Taylor Vince
Solved Showman
Disciplined Aesthetic Promotion


Extended Daring
Queen Elizabeth II
Seductive Professional Commitment
Queen Latifah
Extended Return
Queen Rania of Jordan
Revelational Public Appearance
Quentin Tarantino
Seductive Originator
Quincy Jones
Extended Relativity
Quinton Aaron
Modulated Royal Command


R. Kelly
Wondrous Big Bang
R.L. Stine
Resolved High Romance
Rachael Leigh Cook
Structured Incorrigible
Rachael Ray
Wondrous Unabashed Extrovert
Rachel Bilson
Versatile Unabashed Extrovert
Rachel Blanchard
Introspective Dogged Persistence
Rachel Boston
Original Moral Courage
Rachel Dratch
Modulated Universality
Rachel Griffiths
Wondrous Mammoth Projects
Rachel Hunter
Transcendent Difficult Demand
Rachel Maddow
Articulate Dignity
Rachel McAdams
Grounded Bridge
Rachel Nichols
Trusted Big Bang
Rachel Weisz
Considerate Abstract Structure
Rachel Zoe
Released No Nonsense
Rafael Nadal
Empowered Fluent Expression
Rain Pryor
Transcendent Rising Tide
Rainn Wilson
Modulated Freewheeler
Ralf Schumacher
Reformed Motivation
Ralph Fiennes
Versatile Continuity
Ralph Lauren
Aware Moderation
Ralph Macchio
Versatile Provocateur
Ralph Nader
Released Reality Masters
Randall Cobb
Wondrous Devotion
Rande Gerber
Resolved Self-Sufficiency
Randy Harrison
Compassionate Transformation
Randy Jackson
Responsible Interpersonal Enchantment
Randy Newman
Studied Lone Wolf
Randy Quaid
Passionate Top Dog
Randy Travis
Compassionate Nurturing Support
Rani Mukherjee
Disciplined Clarity
Raphael Sbarge
Tender Unifier
Raquel Welch
Compassionate Fanciful Sovereign
Rashida Jones
Introspective Higher Cause
Satisfied Inner Fervor
Ray Bradbury
Intentional Seasoned Experience
Ray Charles
Discovered Breakthrough
Ray Park
Inspirational Lively Precision
Ray Parker, Jr.
Articulate Ironic Insight
Ray Romano
Intentional Great Enigma
Reba McEntire
Expressed Innocence
Rebecca De Mornay
Disciplined Structured Action
Rebecca Gayheart
Mastered Convention
Rebecca Romijn
Mastered Rousing Vigor
Rebel Wilson
Satisfied Exacting Realism
Reese Witherspoon
Introspective Direct Current
Reggie Bush
Innocent Undying Loyalty
Reggie Jackson
Experienced Established Activism
Reggie Miller
Liberated Astute Examination
Regina Hall
Revelational Body Language
Regina King
Considerate Heroic Inevitability
Regis Philbin
Revelational Unabashed Extrovert
Reid Hoffman
Empowered Resolute Composure
Rena Sofer
Wondrous Larger-than-Life
René Angélil
Solved Fulfillment
Rene Russo
Mastered Battler
Renee Zellweger
Passionate Physical Substance
Renny Harlin
Compassionate Heights
Rex Reed
Influential Verbal Acuity
Rhea Perlman
Graceful Tenacity
Rhyon Nicole Brown
Amplified Good Life
Ricardo Antonio Chavira
Released No Nonsense
Rich Little
Introspective Distinctive Manner
Richard Attenborough
Solved Structured Action
Richard Branson
Passionate Conviction
Richard Chamberlain
Electric Tenacity
Richard Cheney
Disciplined Take Charge
Richard Dean Anderson
Wondrous Character
Richard Dreyfuss
Innocent New Ideas
Richard Gere
Individualized Public Appearance
Richard Grieco
Translated Curiosity
Richard Gunn
Reformed Energetic Transmission
Richard Hatch
Structured Conscience
Richard Herd
Devoted Patient Practice
Richard Lewis
Modulated Airborne Dreamer
Richard Nixon
Wondrous Ambition
Richard Pryor
Disciplined Mirthful License
Richard Simmons
Satisfied Persuasive Presence
Richard Thomas
Devoted Far-Off Adventure
Richie Sambora
Disciplined Unsolicited Opinion
Rick Dees
Wondrous Relativity
Rick Fox
Transcendent Exciting Instability
Rick Schroder
Extended Iconoclast
Rick Springfield
Discovered Lively Precision
Ricki Lake
Wondrous Current Taste
Ricky Gervais
Trusted Sensitive Receptor
Ricky Martin
Freed Complex Emotions
Rico Rodriguez
Trusted Human Portrait
Rider Strong
Trusted Intensity
Ridley Scott
Responsible Measured Attack
Transcendent Impression
Ringo Starr
Compassionate Imaginative Revelations
Rip Torn
Individualized Popularity
Rita Coolidge
Original Ironic Insight
Rita Moreno
Passionate Intensity
Rita Wilson
Reformed Organizational Cohesion
River Viiperi
Articulate Guiding Light
Rivers Cuomo
Extended Far-Off Adventure
Rob Kardashian
Individualized Aerialist
Rob Lowe
Tender Aerialist
Rob Reiner
Original Beauty Lovers
Rob Schneider
Liberated Attentiveness
Robbie Knievel
Resolute Devotion
Robbie Williams
Amplified Liveliness
Robby Benson
Inspirational Frontrunner
Robert Altman
Resolute Impression
Robert Benton
Devoted Charged Reactor
Robert Blake
Revelational Internal Mystery
Robert Conrad
Electric Artistic Sensibilities
Robert De Niro
Resolved Explosive Power
Robert Downey Jr.
Translated Initiative
Robert Duvall
Discovered Recovery
Robert Forster
Grounded Taken Opportunity
Robert Mitchum
Consolidated Unique Happenings
Robert Patrick
Instructional Actuality
Robert Pattinson
Empowered Natural Appeal
Robert Plant
Satisfied Cryptic Secret
Robert Redford
Responsible Endurance
Robert Ri’chard
Enchanted Unusual Interests
Robert Rodriguez
Individualized Ecstatic Appeal
Robert Schwartzman
Tender Complex Emotions
Robert Sean Leonard
Passionate Zest
Robert Shapiro
Trusted Businesslike Attitude
Robert Smith
Compassionate Professional Commitment
Robert Trujillo
Experienced Conflicting Karma
Robert Wagner
Satisfied Acclaim
Robert Zemeckis
Devoted Modern Irrepressibles
Roberta Flack
Amplified Acclaim
Roberta Williams
Released Animation
Robin Finck
Freed Discovery
Robin Givens
Experienced Electrifying Excitement
Robin Leach
Grounded Structured Action
Robin Quivers
Considerate Roleplayer
Robin Roberts
Structured Irreverence
Robin Thicke
Instructional Soul Searchers
Robin Williams
Devoted Tragicomic Controversy
Robin Wright
Modulated Conscience
Solved Buoyant Optimism
Rod Blagojevich
Reformed Inner Fervor
Rod Stewart
Original Hard Look
Roddy White
Seductive Transformation
Rodrigo Santoro
Influential Seasoned Experience
Roger Clemens
Studied Guiding Light
Roger Daltrey
Studied Artistic Sensibilities
Roger Ebert
Structured Financial Security
Roger Federer
Versatile Roleplayer
Roger Goodell
Compassionate Explorer
Roger Moore
Experienced Moderation
Roger Waters
Resolved Unpredictable Fate
Rolonda Watts
Disciplined Persuasive Presence
Roma Downey
Grounded Materialized Fantasy
Roman Polanski
Revelational Endurance
Ron Cey
Graceful Inventiveness
Ron Glass
Tender Passive-Active Duality
Ron Howard
Mastered Artistic Sensibilities
Ron Livingston
Satisfied Brilliant Path
Ron Palillo
Mastered Idealist
Ron Paul
Mastered Cryptic Secret
Ron Perlman
Wondrous Iconoclast
Ronald Reagan
Graceful Popularity
Ronnie Wood
Modulated Popular Eye
Rooney Mara
Innocent Serious Purpose
Rory McIlroy
Revelational Nurturing Support
Rosa Blasi
Articulate Hellraisers
Rosalind Plowright
Discovered Unfailing Vision
Rosanna Arquette
Disciplined Velvet Voice
Rosanne Cash
Expressed Magnifier
Rosario Dawson
Solved Moral Courage
Rose Byrne
Structured Exciting Instability
Rose McGowan
Consolidated Fanciful Sovereign
Roseanne Barr
Electric Long Breath
Roselyn Sanchez
Articulate Idealist
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Wondrous Vigorous Defense
Rosie O’Donnell
Resolute Clarity
Rosie Perez
Enchanted Unpredictable Fate
Ross Mathews
Structured Wanderer
Rossi Morreale
Instructional Self-Sufficiency
Rowan Atkinson
Consolidated Substantiation
Ruben Studdard
Artistic Fearless Crusader
Rudolph Giuliani
Versatile Innovative Trailblazer
Rue McClanahan
Released Intimacy
Rufus Wainwright
Consolidated Occupational Fluctuation
Rumer Willis
Devoted High Voltage
Solved Bridge
Rupert Everett
Disciplined Quicksilver
Rupert Friend
Versatile Top Dog
Rupert Grint
Devoted Astute Examination
Rupert Murdoch
Individualized Progressive Intuition
Rupert Sanders
Considerate Heroic Inevitability
Rush Limbaugh
Transcendent Wild Call
Russell Brand
Reformed Critical Expertise
Russell Crowe
Tender Enthusiastic Belief
Russell Simmons
Introspective Incorrigible
Ruta Lee
Consolidated Nimble Time
Rutger Hauer
Studied Character
Ruth Pointer
Experienced Dogged Persistence
Ruth Reichl
Innocent Fulfillment
Ryan Adams
Inspirational Actuality
Ryan Cabrera
Original Conviction
Ryan Cooley
Transcendent Established Activism
Ryan Gosling
Resolved Sensual Charisma
Ryan Graeff
Seductive Selective Exhibitionist
Ryan Lee
Disciplined Incorrigible
Ryan O’Neal
Artistic Worldly Challenge
Ryan Phillippe
Inspirational Private Goals
Ryan Reynolds
Aware Conflicting Karma
Ryan Seacrest
Responsible Complex Emotions
Ryan Stiles
Compassionate Established Presence


Sacha Baron Cohen
Freed Tough Cookie
Compassionate Fulfillment
Saffron Burrows
Mastered Allure
Saleisha Stowers
Satisfied Hard Look
Sally Field
Translated Rousing Vigor
Sally Jessy Raphaël
Electric Higher Cause
Sally Ride
Devoted Stalwart Protector
Sally Struthers
Satisfied Winner
Salma Hayek
Wondrous Businesslike Attitude
Salman Rushdie
Modulated Spark
Tender Nonconformity
Salvador Dali
Grounded Frequent Flyer
Sam Donaldson
Released Progressive Intuition
Sam Mendes
Liberated Original Style
Sam Neill
Modulated Perceptive Critic
Sam Raimi
Artistic Conflicting Karma
Sam Robards
Confident Soaring Imagination
Sam Shepard
Studied Actuality
Sam Waterston
Disciplined Encounter
Sam Worthington
Intentional Versatile Signature
Samaire Armstrong
Resolved Attentiveness
Samantha Harris
Expressed Electrifying Excitement
Samantha Ronson
Compassionate Double Agent
Sammy Davis, Jr.
Versatile Abandon
Sammy Hagar
Innocent Tough Cookie
Sammy Sosa
Wondrous Sensual Charisma
Samuel Alito
Wondrous Dignity
Samuel L. Jackson
Empowered Great Enigma
Sandra Bernhard
Expressed Visionary
Sandra Bullock
Enchanted Symbolic Herald
Sandra Cisneros
Consolidated Generator
Sandra Oh
Released Ups and Downs
Sandy Duncan
Enchanted Impression
Sara Bareilles
Trusted Idiosyncrasy
Sara Evans
Considerate Quiet Eloquence
Sara Gilbert
Responsible Compassionate Combatant
Sara Paxton
Transcendent Physical Substance
Sara Rue
Grounded Striking Deeds
Sarah Chalke
Compassionate Social Ideals
Sarah Christin Roemer
Modulated Language
Sarah Ferguson
Artistic Worlds Stage
Sarah Hyland
Electric Contentious Conviviality
Sarah Jessica Parker
Translated Dynamism
Sarah McLachlan
Discovered Outstanding Achievements
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Instructional Tradition
Sarah Palin
Tender Improved Comfort
Sarah Ramos
Mastered Unfailing Vision
Sarah Shahi
Trusted Hard Look
Sarah Silverman
Revelational Mirthful License
Sasha Obama
Tender Laughter and Sadness
Savannah Guthrie
Freed Clever Contributor
Scarlett Johansson
Modulated Liberator
Scarlett Pomers
Extended Lone Wolf
Scott Baio
Solved Restless Drive
Scott Bakula
Consolidated Penetrating Gaze
Scott Caan
Intentional Lively Precision
Scott Disick
Experienced Stalwart Protector
Scott Foley
Mastered Material Inducer
Scott Hamilton
Instructional Language
Scott Speedman
Influential No Nonsense
Scott Weiland
Empowered Impulse
Scott Wolf
Individualized Critical Expertise
Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
Graceful Conviction
Versatile Explorer
Sean Astin
Considerate Higher Cause
Sean Hayes
Extended Stamina
Sean Kingston
Released Exacting Realism
Sean Lennon
Influential Penetrating Gaze
Sean Parker
Trusted Ingenuity
Sean Paul
Articulate Big Bang
Sean Penn
Solved Explosive Power
Sean Young
Artistic Scrambler
Sela Ward
Responsible Unsolicited Opinion
Selena Gomez
Expressed Occupational Fluctuation
Selma Blair
Electric Interpersonal Enchantment
Serena Williams
Versatile Patient Practice
Sergey Brin
Consolidated Standout
Seth Green
Amplified Precognition
Seth MacFarlane
Expressed Organizational Cohesion
Seth Meyers
Expressed Simple Sophistication
Seth Rogen
Original Human Definition
Seychelle Gabriel
Mastered Dynamism
Shailene Woodley
Articulate Encounter
Aware Class
Shakira Caine
Liberated Viable Candidate
Shalom Harlow
Responsible Confidence
Shania Twain
Liberated Language
Shanna Moakler
Responsible Innocence
Shannen Doherty
Considerate Societal Awareness
Shannon Elizabeth
Intentional Success Seeker
Shanola Hampton
Instructional Driven Dedication
Electric Beauty Lovers
Shar Jackson
Intentional Builder
Sharni Vinson
Experienced Occupational Fluctuation
Sharon Gless
Confident Cutting Edge
Sharon Lawrence
Studied Airborne Dreamer
Sharon Osbourne
Released Penetrating Gaze
Sharon Stone
Aware Soul Searchers
Shaun Cassidy
Instructional Ambiguous Hero
Shaun Robinson
Studied Unsolicited Opinion
Shaun White
Discovered Mold Breaker
Shawn Johnson
Consolidated Dreams and Visions
Shawn Wayans
Considerate Dreams and Visions
Shawnee Smith
Extended Commemorator
Sheena Easton
Compassionate Self-Sufficiency
Sheila E.
Intentional Body Language
Shelley Duvall
Discovered Imaginative Revelations
Shelley Long
Discovered Lively Precision
Shemar Moore
Extended Worldly Challenge
Shenae Grimes
Considerate Sensational Detail
Sherilyn Fenn
Experienced Willfulness
Sherman Hemsley
Reformed Willfulness
Sherri Shepherd
Satisfied Established Presence
Sherry Stringfield
Satisfied Blissful Wizard
Sheryl Berkoff
Trusted Ecstatic Appeal
Sheryl Crow
Versatile Improved Comfort
Sheryl Sandberg
Transcendent Language
Sheryl Swoopes
Considerate Dynamism
Shia LaBeouf
Empowered Limit Pusher
Shiri Appleby
Grounded Idiosyncrasy
Shirley Ann Manson
Innocent Supportive Partner
Shirley Jones
Released Tenacity
Shirley MacLaine
Released Protective Chronicler
Shohreh Aghdashloo
Revelational Frequent Flyer
Shonda Rhimes
Devoted Upward Mobility
Shooter Jennings
Solved Heartfelt Persuasion
Sidney Poitier
Trusted Impression
Siegfried Fischbacher
Intentional Far-Off Adventure
Sienna Miller
Seductive Simple Sophistication
Sigourney Weaver
Individualized High Romance
Simon Baker
Transcendent Tangible Presence
Simon Cowell
Artistic Defiance
Simon Le Bon
Instructional Impulse
Simon Rex
Inspirational Ups and Downs
Reformed Metamorphosis
Sinéad O’Connor
Graceful Abandon
Sir Charles Barkley
Versatile Impression
Sir Mix-a-Lot
Original Convention
Grounded Earthly Temptation
Sissy Spacek
Individualized Supernatural
Skandar Keynes
Articulate Fanciful Sovereign
Skeet Ulrich
Devoted Freewheeler
Liberated Uncertainty Resolver
Smokey Robinson
Instructional Explorer
Snejana Onopka
Individualized Expansion
Passionate Irreverence
Snoop Dogg
Freed Vogue
Sofia Coppola
Released Modern Irrepressibles
Sofia Milos
Liberated Ambiguous Hero
Sofia Vassilieva
Amplified Allure
Sofia Vergara
Electric Passive-Active Duality
Solange Knowles
Empowered Blissful Wizard
Soleil Moon Frye
Intentional Unique Happenings
Sonia Sotomayor
Articulate Sensitive Receptor
Sonya Walger
Amplified Visionary
Soon-Yi Previn
Revelational High Romance
Sophia Bush
Original Dark Pragmatist
Sophia Loren
Freed Manager
Sophie B. Hawkins
Empowered Onslaught
Sophie Dahl
Compassionate Mastery
Sophie Monk
Trusted Selective Exhibitionist
Sophie Okonedo
Wondrous Emotional Organizer
Soulja Boy
Freed Winner
Spencer Breslin
Expressed Established Activism
Spencer Chamberlain
Enchanted Formulators
Spencer Locke
Articulate Manager
Spencer Pratt
Experienced Mortal Mirror
Spike Jonze
Transcendent Allure
Spike Lee
Influential Labyrinth
Stacey Tookey
Intentional Passive-Active Duality
Stacy Kamano
Inspirational Perseverance
Stacy Keibler
Structured Moderation
Stan Musial
Intentional Elegance
Stan Smith
Liberated Selective Exhibitionist
Stana Katic
Disciplined Cultivator
Stanley Kubrick
Liberated Symbolic Herald
Stanley Tucci
Solved Underground
Stanley Tucci
Artistic Evaluation
Star Jones
Resolute Beguiling Simplicity
Stedman Graham
Transcendent Beauty Lovers
Stefanie Michl
Satisfied Character
Stefanie Powers
Trusted Transformation
Stefanie Scott
Disciplined Extraction
Steffi Graf
Transcendent Gutsy Confrontation
Stella McCartney
Released Passionate Care
Stephanie McIntosh
Graceful Showman
Stephanie Miller
Confident Charged Reactor
Stephanie Pratt
Empowered Policy Maker
Stephanie Seymour
Individualized Uncertainty Resolver
Stephen Baldwin
Innocent Mischievous Maverick
Stephen Colbert
Tender Natural Appeal
Stephen Covey
Devoted Sensational Detail
Stephen Fry
Introspective Astute Examination
Stephen Furst
Expressed Outspoken Spokesperson
Stephen Harper
Compassionate Dutiful Overload
Stephen Hawking
Solved Big Bang
Stephen King
Innocent Current Taste
Stephen Sondheim
Satisfied Direct Current
Stephenie Meyer
Expressed Complex Emotions
Steve Allen
Compassionate Indomitable One
Steve Burton
Extended Emotional Stimulation
Steve Buscemi
Intentional Exacting Craft
Steve Carell
Studied High Voltage
Steve Garvey
Empowered Continuity
Steve Guttenberg
Instructional Astute Examination
Steve Jobs
Expressed Sacrifice
Steve Martin
Tender Mortal Mirror
Steve Perry
Empowered Vortex
Steve Van Zandt
Transcendent Liberator
Steve Westly
Reformed Social Ideals
Steve Wozniak
Passionate Validation
Amplified Far-Off Adventure
Steven Bauer
Reformed Larger-than-Life
Steven Bochco
Studied Soaring Imagination
Steven Cojocaru
Experienced Recovery
Steven Seagal
Revelational Daring
Steven Soderbergh
Versatile Integrator
Steven Spielberg
Liberated Mammoth Projects
Steven Tyler
Graceful Integrity
Steven Wright
Inspirational Extraction
Stevie Nicks
Graceful Stalwart Protector
Stevie Wonder
Wondrous Natural Appeal
Extended Verbal Acuity
Stockard Channing
Studied Liveliness
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Experienced Mammoth Projects
Stone Phillips
Consolidated Larger-than-Life
Stuart Townsend
Articulate Expansion
Suge Knight
Modulated Solid Control
Sully Sullenberger
Transcendent Character
Sumner Redstone
Solved Driven Dedication
Susan Anton
Passionate Grand Gesture
Susan Boyle
Structured Dignity
Susan Dey
Released Inner Fervor
Susan Downey
Expressed Rousing Vigor
Susan Lucci
Empowered Groundbreakers
Susan Sarandon
Translated Incorrigible
Susan Sullivan
Seductive Temperament
Susan Wojcicki
Individualized Showman
Susannah Constantine
Resolved Fluent Expression
Suzanne Collins
Studied Velvet Voice
Suzanne Malveaux
Graceful Fortitude
Suzanne Somers
Translated Essential Judgment
Suzanne Vega
Disciplined Unsolicited Opinion
Suzi Quatro
Wondrous Fluent Expression
Suzy Amis Cameron
Intentional Recovery
Swizz Beatz
Artistic Passionate Care
Swoosie Kurtz
Seductive Unpredictable Fate
Sydney Tamiia Poitier
Expressed Encounter
Sylvester Stallone
Experienced Magnetic Desire


T Lopez
Studied Vigorous Defense
Extended Cultivator
Experienced Glaring Truth
Reformed Convincing Storyteller
Talia Shire
Experienced Physical Substance
Talisa Soto
Satisfied Originator
Tammy Lynn Michaels
Responsible Distinctive Manner
Tanya Tucker
Instructional Prudent Economy
Tao Ruspoli
Influential Discovery
Tara Lipinski
Original Laughter and Sadness
Tara Reid
Influential Borderline
Taraji P. Henson
Revelational Dramatic Choice
Tash Hamilton
Original Career Concerns
Tatum O’Neal
Original Actuality
Tatyana Ali
Grounded Aloof Icon
Taye Diggs
Freed Self-Requirement
Taylor Dayne
Resolved Abstract Structure
Taylor Hicks
Intentional Defiance
Taylor Kinney
Versatile Material Inducers
Taylor Lautner
Consolidated Improved Comfort
Taylor Momsen
Responsible Symbolic Herald
Taylor Swift
Considerate Exacting Craft
Taylor Wayne
Wondrous Social Ideals
Tea Leoni
Modulated Higher Cause
Teairra Mari
Passionate Larger-than-Life
Ted Danson
Innocent Preeminence
Ted Koppel
Instructional Precognition
Ted Lange
Liberated Recovery
Ted McGinley
Aware Nimble Time
Ted Nugent
Empowered Exacting Craft
Ted Turner
Introspective Reformer
Graceful Cool Quip
Tempestt Bledsoe
Consolidated Original Style
Terence Bernie Hines
Passionate Excess
Teri Garr
Individualized Intensity
Teri Hatcher
Experienced Abandon
Terrell Davis
Mastered Research
Terrence Howard
Passionate Progressive Intuition
Terry Bradshaw
Satisfied Businesslike Attitude
Terry Gilliam
Disciplined Liberator
Thaao Penghlis
Enchanted Expansion
Released Supportive Partner
Thandie Newton
Mastered Rousing Vigor
The Edge
Trusted Roleplayer
The Rock
Electric Human Observation
The Situation
Original Group Representative
Thelma Schoonmaker
Instructional Total Involvement
Theodore Roosevelt
Extended Impulse
Thomas Edison
Instructional Improved Comfort
Thomas Haden Church
Grounded Artful Force
Thomas Ian Nicholas
Confident Passive-Active Duality
Thomas Jefferson
Innocent Iconoclast
Thomas Kretschmann
Studied Puzzling Purist
Thora Birch
Seductive Progressive Intuition
Tia & Tamera Mowry
Artistic Magnetic Desire
Tia Barr
Transcendent Labyrinth
Tia Carrere
Graceful Self-Requirement
Tia Texada
Freed Selective Exhibitionist
Tiffani Thiessen
Expressed Character
Tiffany Thornton
Empowered Cool Quip
Tiger Woods
Influential Laconic Authority
Tila Tequila
Versatile Sensational Detail
Tilda Swinton
Confident Actuality
Tim Allen
Freed Far-Off Adventure
Tim Berners-Lee
Expressed Influential Individualism
Tim Burton
Instructional Unabashed Extrovert
Tim Conway
Considerate Expansion
Tim Cook
Solved Onslaught
Tim Curry
Experienced Solid Control
Tim Duncan
Introspective Physical Substance
Tim Gunn
Electric Cultural Assessment
Tim McGraw
Satisfied Ironic Insight
Tim Omundson
Transcendent Cultural Assessment
Tim Rice
Seductive Metamorphosis
Tim Robbins
Instructional Essential Judgment
Tim Roth
Trusted Modern Irrepressibles
Tim Tebow
Wondrous Mortal Mirror
Considerate Soul Searchers
Timothy Busfield
Introspective Buoyant Optimism
Timothy Dalton
Versatile Clarity
Timothy Daly
Inspirational Artistic Sensibilities
Timothy Hutton
Solved High Voltage
Tina Brown
Electric Elegance
Tina Fey
Extended Established Activism
Tina Majorino
Innocent Utopia
Tina Turner
Aware Distinctive Manner
Tina Yothers
Consolidated Practical Awakening
Tippi Hedren
Individualized Dreams and Visions
Tito Jackson
Electric Worlds Stage
Tobe Hooper
Confident Destiny
Tobey Maguire
Reformed Defensive Developer
Toby Keith
Trusted Dark Pragmatist
Todd Bridges
Translated Driven Dedication
Todd McFarlane
Structured Realistic Inspiration
Tom Arnold
Compassionate Beauty Lovers
Tom Berenger
Wondrous Cutting Edge
Tom Bergeron
Expressed Materialized Fantasy
Tom Bosley
Experienced Top Dog
Tom Brady
Compassionate Dangerous Quest
Tom Brokaw
Instructional Popularity
Tom Cruise
Studied Commemorator
Tom DeLay
Liberated Conscience
Tom DeLonge
Influential Exacting Craft
Tom Felton
Passionate Restless Drive
Tom Ford
Trusted Social Ideals
Tom Hanks
Responsible Wonder
Tom Hardy
Compassionate Mastery
Tom Jones
Compassionate Entertainer
Tom Leykis
Responsible Original Style
Tom Malloy
Responsible Abandon
Tom Morello
Enchanted Nimble Time
Tom Perrotta
Trusted Long Odds
Tom Petty
Passionate Vogue
Tom Selleck
Original Compassionate Combatant
Tom Sizemore
Confident Instigator
Tom Smothers
Amplified Class
Tom Stoppard
Inspirational Commemorator
Tom Waits
Individualized Idiosyncrasy
Tom Welling
Instructional Cultivator
Tom Wopat
Extended Difficult Demand
Tommy Chong
Reformed Magnifier
Tommy Hilfiger
Satisfied Beguiling Simplicity
Tommy Lasorda
Experienced Restless Drive
Tommy Lee
Studied Trendsetter
Tommy Lee Jones
Translated Mastery
Tommy Mottola
Discovered Convincing Storyteller
Tommy Thayer
Solved Discovery
Toni Braxton
Wondrous Defiance
Toni Collette
Mastered Onslaught
Toni Morrison
Individualized Complete Picture
Toni Tennille
Confident Outspoken Spokesperson
Tony Bennett
Original Dangerous Quest
Tony Blair
Freed Materialized Fantasy
Tony Curtis
Studied Fluent Expression
Tony Danza
Devoted Professional Commitment
Tony Dovolani
Consolidated Career Concerns
Tony Gwynn
Grounded Moral Courage
Tony Hawk
Individualized Mischievous Maverick
Tony Parker
Original Bottom Line
Tony Robbins
Grounded Eternal Youth
Tony Shalhoub
Electric Penetrating Gaze
Tonya Lewis Lee
Modulated Heights
Tonya Harding
Revelational Sensual Charisma
Topher Grace
Artistic Persuasive Presence
Tori Amos
Original Seasoned Experience
Tori Spelling
Consolidated Outrageous Flair
Trace Adkins
Confident Upward Mobility
Trace Cyrus
Extended Sacrifice
Tracey Gold
Passionate Outrageous Flair
Tracey Ullman
Artistic Laconic Authority
Traci Bingham
Considerate Upward Mobility
Traci Lords
Individualized Devotion
Tracy Chapman
Tender Uncompromising Vision
Tracy Morgan
Wondrous Metamorphosis
Travis Barker
Influential Investigator
Travis Tritt
Versatile Vibrancy
Traylor Howard
Innocent Gutsy Confrontation
Tre Cool
Articulate Flamboyance
Treat Williams
Revelational Mirthful License
Trent Reznor
Translated Bottom Line
Trey Parker
Transcendent Projector
Trey Songz
Modulated Lone Wolf
Discovered Precocity
Trisha Yearwood
Enchanted Fine Appearance
Tristan Rogers
Experienced Fluent Expression
Troy Aikman
Graceful Elegance
Trudie Styler
Mastered Substantiation
Truman Capote
Confident Glaring Truth
Tupac Shakur
Released Capital Investment
Individualized Fine Appearance
Twyla Tharp
Artistic Emancipation
Ty Burrell
Empowered Seasoned Experience
Ty Murray
Transcendent Gracious Ease
Ty Pennington
Liberated Projector
Tyler Hilton
Translated Liberator
Tyler Perry
Transcendent Perceptive Critic
Tyne Daly
Enchanted Intimacy
Tyra Banks
Expressed Fortitude
Tyrese Gibson
Grounded Laconic Authority
Tyson Beckford
Freed Hellraisers
Tyson Ritter
Liberated Protective Chronicler


Uma Thurman
Extended Heavy Image
Uri Geller
Liberated Generator
Ursula Andress
Consolidated Dogged Persistence
Grounded Moderation


Val Kilmer
Artistic Aesthetic Promotion
Valeri Bure
Amplified Far-Off Adventure
Valerie Bertinelli
Grounded Adopted Security
Valerie Harper
Compassionate Seasoned Experience
Valerie Perrine
Resolved Mold Breaker
Van Morrison
Tender Public Appearance
Vanessa Carlton
Confident High Voltage
Vanessa Hudgens
Extended Selective Exhibitionist
Vanessa Laine Bryant
Original Practical Awakening
Vanessa Mae
Grounded Impulse
Vanessa Marcil
Transcendent Worlds Stage
Vanessa Minnillo
Resolved Earthly Temptation
Vanessa Paradis
Articulate Continuity
Vanessa Redgrave
Amplified Take Charge
Vanessa Williams
Versatile Return
Vanilla Ice
Wondrous Attentiveness
Venus Williams
Confident Artful Force
Vera Farmiga
Consolidated Unique Happenings
Vera Wang
Discovered Defensive Developer
Verne Troyer
Wondrous Emotional Organizer
Veronica Hamel
Studied Scrambler
Vicci Martinez
Modulated Current Taste
Vicki Gunvalson
Resolute Originator
Victor Garber
Empowered Realistic Inspiration
Victor Ortiz
Individualized Poetic Song
Victoria Beckham
Amplified Serious Purpose
Victoria Jackson
Disciplined Versatile Signature
Victoria Principal
Individualized Total Involvement
Viggo Mortensen
Instructional Vogue
Vijay Singh
Versatile Universality
Vin Diesel
Empowered Conviction
Vince Gill
Influential Societal Awareness
Vince Neil
Structured Precognition
Vince Vaughn
Extended Innocence
Vincent Cassel
Graceful Irreverence
Vinessa Shaw
Intentional Controlled Movement
Ving Rhames
Trusted Mischievous Maverick
Viola Davis
Liberated Validation
Virginia Madsen
Original Dramatic Choice
Vivica A. Fox
Enchanted Tangible Presence
Vlade Divac
Discovered Exacting Realism
Vladimir Putin
Released Defiance


Wade Robson
Tender Perseverance
Walt Disney
Introspective Confidence
Walter Koenig
Influential Perceptive Critic
Wanda Sykes
Tender Abstract Structure
Wanya Morris
Consolidated Cultural Assessment
Warren Beatty
Inspirational Uncompromising Vision
Warren Buffett
Discovered Rock
Wayne Brady
Electric Problem Solver
Wayne Dyer
Compassionate Lone Movers
Wayne Gretzky
Structured Striking Deeds
Wayne Knight
Amplified Double Agent
Wayne Newton
Solved Fulcrum
Wayne Rogers
Extended Enthusiastic Belief
Weird Al
Artistic Conflicting Karma
Wendie Malick
Transcendent Exacting Craft
Wendy Wilson
Transcendent Essential Judgment
Wentworth Miller
Electric Problem Solver
Wes Anderson
Passionate Ironic Insight
Wes Craven
Aware Versatile Signature
Wesley Clark
Seductive Groundbreakers
Wesley Snipes
Studied Human Portrait
Whitney Cummings
Tender Builder
Whitney Houston
Seductive Psychological Leverage
Whitney Port
Innocent Creative Isolation
Whoopi Goldberg
Inspirational Commentator
Wil Wheaton
Mastered Cultural Assessment
Wilford Brimley
Freed Ambiguous Hero
Will Arnett
Extended Nurturing Support
Will Champion
Artistic Human Portrait
Will Ferrell
Empowered Rising Tide
Will Smith
Wondrous Symbiotic Satirist
Responsible Heights
Willa Ford
Studied Vortex
Willard Scott
Released Abstract Structure
Willem Dafoe
Amplified Occupational Fluctuation
William Baldwin
Versatile Intimacy
William Devane
Responsible Fanciful Sovereign
William H. Macy
Wondrous Fateful Prediction
William Hurt
Wondrous Labyrinth
William Jones
Released Willfulness
William Randolph Hearst
Responsible Heavy Image
William Rehnquist
Confident Top Dog
William Shatner
Individualized Direct Current
William vanden Heuvel
Empowered Tradition
William “Refrigerator” Perry
Versatile Soaring Imagination
Willie Garson
Tender Impression
Willie Mays
Individualized Materialized Fantasy
Willie Nelson
Extended Dutiful Overload
Willow Smith
Original Attentiveness
Wilmer Valderrama
Trusted Take Charge
Wilson Cruz
Expressed Clever Contributor
Wink Martindale
Electric Fortitude
Winona Ryder
Freed New Ideas
Winsor Harmon
Original Liberator
Wladimir Klitschko
Introspective Dynamism
Wolf Blitzer
Graceful Direct Current
Wolfgang Puck
Discovered Dark Pragmatist
Woody Allen
Articulate Mirthful License
Woody Harrelson
Trusted Uncertainty Resolver
Wyclef Jean
Mastered Precarious Balance
Wynonna Judd
Enchanted Nimble Time
Wynton Marsalis
Confident Personal Leadership


Inspirational Internal Mystery


Consolidated Investigator
Yao Ming
Resolved Fearless Crusader
Yasmine Bleeth
Individualized Gutsy Confrontation
Yeardley Smith
Enchanted Commemorator
Yo-Yo Ma
Amplified Defiance
Yoko Ono
Extended Complete Picture
Yunjin Kim
Expressed Discovery


Zac Efron
Passionate Personal Leadership
Zach Braff
Reformed Experimenter
Zach Galifianakis
Transcendent Top Dog
Zachary Gordon
Structured Inventiveness
Zachary Quinto
Instructional Problem Solver
Zack Pearlman
Transcendent Heartfelt Persuasion
Zena Grey
Extended Encounter
Ziggy Marley
Wondrous Precarious Balance
Zoe Kravitz
Extended Mirthful License
Zoe Saldana
Artistic Spark
Zooey Deschanel
Trusted Heavyweight
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